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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Boy has this year flown by! I wanted to go ahead and crank out my 2015 resolutions goals and give you a peak at my new planner for the upcoming year. 

I decided to do goals rather than resolutions simply because I feel that goals is a more attainable word that I will actually stick to rather than resolution.  A resolution is so final and to me I am constantly working towards accomplishing goals so that's what I'm doing....working towards all these things for 2015. 
  • Finish my graduate degree for GOOD!
  • Get a French bulldog
  • Work on my sewing skills
  • Excel at my new job and work on marketing/branding
  • Go on European vacation
  • Join my family on a beach vacation
  • Save money and pay towards small outstanding debt like those upcoming student loans :(
  • Read 30 books
  • Finish one round of competition prep and maybe compete near the end of the year
  • Build my chicken coop and get chickens
  • Have an even better garden than this year and double my canning and freezer storage
  • Get into the best shape of my life
  • Read 30 books
  • Have a great year with my family and friends doing a lot of adventurous activities and overall just loving the life I have

Along with personal goals that I've listed above I thought it would be fun for Hendrik and I too set a few goals as a couple to work towards accomplishing.  I asked several friends for their suggestions and many said get married and have a baby....obviously those are goals of ours just maybe not in 2015 so we will not say those and also I didn't want travel to be one since we do travel already so much and this is just part of our lifestyle but not necessarily anything that is not in our normal life.  It was really hard to come up with items that suited both of us and things that we would actually want to accomplish.
  • Compete in a triathlon event or a competition even that needs teamwork
  • Volunteer somewhere and make it a tradition
  • Teach each other something new like changing the oil in my car and I could teach him how to bargain hunt in Canton
  • Get Hendrik a bike and have weekly bicycle rides
  • Look at ourselves and see how we can do better to help each other...like maybe I should be more patient

Here is a look back on our 2014 year by numbers (what I could remember anyways):

4classes complete
3.25GPA in December
12hours I passed
25books read
1beach girls trip 
1international vacation with my honey
1trip to the Midwest
8boat rides taken
24jars of hot sauce made
300pounds of tomatoes grown
6garlics growing
10inches lost
6months of a new fitness routine completed
1house sold
7rooms redecorated
1200miles drive to beach
77blog posts complete so far
3Dutch recipes tried
1year anniversary

Following in last year's footsteps I stuck with the Plum Paper Designs planner.  I think the set up is very similar to the Erin Condren for a lesser price.  I actually feel like my Plum Paper planners hold up better over the year and are a bit less bulky.  Over the past year they have upgraded their paper to a smoother more silky feel and also started using a heavier duty spiral ring.  I love the look of my new planner and have it all up to date and ready for all that is coming in 2015.  Get your own planner HERE!

I don't have the monogram in the middle like shown above but other than that mine looks just like this.  I also added a page for bill tracking to the back of each month.  The addition was only $2 more and I love it.  I actually already did this same thing in my old planners just using one of the note pages for each month but now I love that I have my own page strictly for bills so I can utilize my blank note pages for important note taking and blog post ideas throughout the month.

It looks like I'm ready for 2015 to kick off in a few days and I already know that this year is going to be jammed packed with blossoming business ventures, graduate degrees, puppy breath (hopefully) and awesome vacations!  As great as 2014 was I'm not really glad to see it go but I'm that much more excited for what is coming next. 

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