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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before & After: The Chair

The chair!  When Hendrik and I got together back in 2013 his house was a bachelor pad to say the least.  After I was put in charge of decorating and getting some homeyness going I knew the master bedroom needed a chair in one part of the space just to finish it. I found this gem at a store that is like a furniture and home goods good will in Mt. Pleasant called The Garage Sale.  I hunted around Canton and other places but never really found what I was looking for until here.  It was $80 and in perfect condition.  There were no stains on the mustard colored velvet and even had both arm rest covers, which if I was back in the 60's would have for sure been a steal!!!!! It even still had the tags and serial number in the seat from where it was made and sold at Dillard's!  Who knew that Dillard's once sold furniture?  I loaded it up the Fall of 2013 and took off to the house to unload.  The chair filled the space in just the way I wanted it to and at the time the mustard really coordinated with all the camo.

My plans for the chair didn't really come to full fruition until after I moved in in May of 2014.  I wanted a clean, relaxing, yet still rustic and classy master bedroom and I had big plans for my ugly chair.  (see our master bedroom makeover HERE)  Since I was going to whites, blues, and rustic wood I wanted to reupholster my chair in a nice linen type fabric that had some texture to it but was calm and would be classic to any room it was in. I also wanted to make it a bit more modern so I didn't want the skirt to be put back on....now you can see the legs and I also got rid of the arm rest covers.  The hard part came finding an upholsterer.  I think this profession is really almost one of the total past and to this day I only know of 2.  Most people just buy new pieces this day and age and I find that really sad.  Anyways, on our way back from Tyler one day I saw a sign for an upholstery shop in Lindale.  I noted the name and that week called them.  They would be able to make my vision come to life so I raced to find fabric.  I had already been looking online and knew that Joann's Fabric had one that I really liked but there wasn't one of those in the area yet.  I was determined to find my fabric and didn't trust the online fabric shopping experience so one day after work I raced to Longview and happened upon my dream coming to life at Hancock Fabric.  I bought plenty of yardage and was happily on my way.  Later in the week I took the chair on my lunch hour from the bank to Lindale.  I explained to the old man what I wanted and he said it would take about 4 weeks.  I was a bit hesitant after seeing the "shop".  It was inside a tin shed essentially and the owner was so old he was greeting people at the front desk with his oxygen tank and cigarettes.  I just hoped he didn't blow up the place before I got my chair back.  It took about 4 weeks longer than the 4 weeks he told me but finally the day came that it was finished.  I couldn't wait to pick it up and get it home. 

I picked up the chair again on my lunch hour and when I got it home that Fall day in 2014 it completed our master bedroom.  I love the look of the chair with the linen fabric and no skirt and it is still so comfortable.  The cost of the reupholstery was really expensive and since then have found someone who is closer and cheaper that I have since used for other projects and will for sure be using in the future but that's the way these things usually happen.  One day I plan on putting rockers on the chair and turning it into a cozy rocker for a nursery but that day isn't dreamed of yet so for now it looks amazing in our master bedroom and hold clothes more than butts but oh well.  

Old and ugly chair to new, timeless, and classically clean chair was a definite success!

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