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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Addicted to....

Lately I've become addicted to these things and if not addicted then I am highly enjoying them.  Check them out!

These 3 shows...holy hell are they good.  Intrigue, sexiness, scandal, and drama are a part of each one and I can't wait for the new seasons.  Each of these were brand new shows this Fall and ended just a few weeks ago with a bang.  Blood and Oil was our favorite I think...it's just more my style and the twists and turns just keep coming.  I know so many people who watched these shows and all of them raved.  If you haven't seen them then watch for them this Spring.

I am completely addicted to Youtube.  I am subscribed to about 10 different channels but my favorite are both fitness related but uploadvery different videos.

Beauty & Braun and Heidi Somers are my top two that I watch faithfully.  Beauty & Braun is about a couple that lives in Florida and both own their own business.  It's a Youtube based reality show on their day to day activities.  I had bought all their products before the show started so I'm a super fan I guess. LOL  I love seeing their success not only is it interesting but also motivating.


Heidi Somers is a super awesome fitness model and bikini competitor that has a fully loaded channel that is FREE and she posts EVERYTHING from weekly competition updates, fitness advice, food intake, and fun how to's.  She's so amazing and also lives in Texas!  She posts videos like twice a week so I'm a bit behind on her channel but plan on catching up soon.  If you haven't then go check her out!


blueberry lemonade pre-workout is the shizzz  it gives me super vascular pump and tastes so amazing!  I love all Optimum Nutrition supplements its almost all I use these days.


my new muscle building workout it makes me so sore and I get some major pump

Buff Bake snickerdoodle almond butter OMG  packed with protein and makes for the most yummy snack.


I recently stumbled upon the best jewelry website that has fitness style jewelry called Fit Style Brand.  I ordered me and a friend some cute charms that I'm going to put on a short chain.  I can't wait to get them in the mail!


water so much water it's all I drink and I'm up to a gallon or more a day.  My body craves it and if I don't get enough I can definitely tell.  The saying that you don't know dehydrated until you've had enough water is so true.  I used to never drink enough water and thought oh its just my body and I don't need it but yes I and YOU do too.  I can tell so many things with my muscles, mind, and overall well being is so messed up when I don't drink enough.  Get your gallon in girls and boys!

Case who couldn't love and be obsessed with this super cute face?  He was so much fun over the holidays I can't wait till the Spring when he's toddling all over the place!

I've started reading the Mortal instruments books and I'm currently on the 2nd in the series.  I started these after watching the movie on HBO for about the millionth time.  I love the movie and want to bad for another to come out so I search and found that it all started with the books....like most things do and immediately bought the entire Mortal Instruments series.  There's something like 6 books and they are pretty long but so good.

So that's what I'm into these days....have you tried any of the things on my list or leave a comment and tell me what you are into!

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  1. I loved Blood and Oil too but I saw a week or so ago hat they cancelled it and it won't be coming back on :(


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