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Friday, August 4, 2017

Recipe: The Best Apple Crisp

Recipe and picture found HERE

If you read my honeymoon posts then you will know that our resort had THE BEST apple crisp and every night for 7 nights straight I ordered it from room service! I usually don't like hot fruit dishes like cobblers, fruit pies, or crisps but all of a sudden it is the perfect dessert.  I have played with different versions of my own little apple pies with random ingredients from my pantry but the other day I figured I would look up an actual recipe so I can get a good crumble on top...that's what makes it delicious of course. 

I had some apples in my fruit basket that were past the eating stage but not rotten.  I like to eat apples when they are very crispy and juicy and these were more at the soggy stage.  I found the above recipe and picture on Pinterest and gave it a go. This recipe is so simple as it is normal ingredients you would have in your kitchen already.  I didn't measure my apples I just used all I had and they filled up the entire 9x13 dish so it worked.  

To say the crisp was a hit was me is an understatement I at almost the entire dish by myself by Wednesday night and I baked it on Monday night!!!! Hendrik wasn't a fan....bummer LOL that just meant more for me!  I will definitely be marking this as a favorite but won't be buying many more apples otherwise I am going to have a big problem on my hands....my weight gain! LOL

If you are needing a quick and easy dessert for a gathering or just to make then this is for sure it.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  

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