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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Things

It's been a busy, fun filled, and let us not forget exciting weekend so far and I have tomorrow off so it's not even over yet!  Tomorrow Kaylynn and I are going to roam the state fair but I will post about that later.  Right now I'm going to give you some things that are making me happy and all these things are just from this weekend!  Sometimes I get wrapped up in life, school, love and the stress of it all and forget how awesome my life is.

Happy Things:
*Random I love yous
*Coming home to a clean house
*Getting woke up by Lincoln on his way out to work to tell me bye and that he loves me then getting to sleep in his warm spot for a bit longer
*Cool mornings
*Warm cups of coffee
*Slumber parties with friends
I went to NaShae's housewarming/ gender reveal party Saturday and Piper and I stayed the night. We had a lot of fun and it was nice doing the next item on my list.
*Catching up and reminiscing- we did a lot of this and it was really nice just having girl talk and relaxing over great chili that Ryan made and later on pumpkin spice cappuccino
*Talking/thinking about the future
*Being a grown up
*In-N-Out Burger- on my way home I grabbed a yummy burger for lunch from In-n-Out

*Good news of a baby girl for NaShae & Ryan- Piper captured this amazing picture of Shae's face as Ryan cut into the cake.  NO ONE at the party knew what the gender was and as you can tell from Shae's face she really thought it was a boy but it was a GIRL!  We are so excited for Ryan and Shae and can't wait to meet Miss Riley Katherine.

*A baby on the way for Rachael and Brad- more baby news was delivered this afternoon!  Brad and one of my besties Rachael are pregnant.  They recently moved into their huge and beautiful new home and this is very surprising news to me.  We are so happy and excited for Rachael and Brad.  I can't wait to know what she's having so we can plan for two babies!
It has been a great weekend and it makes me realize that I am very grateful for my life and how I get to share in all these important memories with my friends and family.  Good times of the past are remembered, we continue to have a good time with each other in the present, and I can't even imagine all the good times that the future holds for us!
Happy Sunday, I'm going to drink hot chocolate in my Christmas socks while I watch DVRed Harry Potter movies! 

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  1. I am so glad that you got to be here and that we got to have a slumber party and that Rachael is having a baby and I'm going to have a DAUGHTER!! All fantastic stuff! Love ya


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