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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Review: Fortune Series

Back in May I read a book by Audrey Braun called A Small Fortune. The book was one that I happened across while trolling Amazon for some new, cheap reads. It was an easy read that kept me interested and it was different from the books I had been reading. I don’t know why but I somehow missed doing a book review on it back then. I can’t remember much of my thoughts from the book but I do know it is worth the few dollars that it cost.

Amazon synopsis:
When Celia Donnelly’s husband, Jonathon, surprises her with a family vacation to Mexico, the harried book editor couldn't be happier. She is overworked and exhausted, a situation that has taken a toll on her eighteen-year marriage, not to mention her relationship with her teenaged son. Escaping the perpetually rainy Pacific Northwest for the sugary sands of Mexico could be just what the doctor ordered. Yet shortly after their arrival south of the border, a chance encounter with a stranger sparks illicit memories of a former affair. The moment passes, but that brief encounter proves enough to change her life forever. Hours later, Celia is lured from the beach and abducted off the street. At first a seemingly random victim, Celia quickly realizes her captors know exactly who she is. Desperate for news of her family and devastated by the betrayal of someone she trusts, Celia, along with an unlikely ally, is soon running for her life. Pursued from the balmy shores of Mexico to the steamy thickets of the jungle, to the crisp, cold mountains of Zurich, Celia will stop at nothing to find her way home.

Not only is A Small Fortune worth it because it is a good book in itself but it leads up to the next book which was REALLY good, Fortune’s Deadly Descent. I finished a my latest book a couple weeks ago and was all out of books that I had stored on my Kindle….what’s a girl to do?! Have no fear Amazon always comes through be it new and regular priced books or in this case cheap or even better FREE books for my Kindle. It takes a bit of looking at times but they are out there and I just have to find one that sounds great to me. Somehow I stumbled upon a book that sparked my interest while browsing the fictional travel novels, Fortune’s Deadly Descent. I read the book description and it sounded really interesting and somewhere on the page it said that it was part of a series of books the first one being A Small Fortune. I decided that even though it wasn’t free it was really cheap so I went ahead and jumped on it! I devoured the book and it was SO good. Fortune’s Deadly Descent was one of those books that even when I was so tired I just wanted to keep reading all night so I could find out what was going to happen. When I finished it I was a bit sad but apparently it is part of a series so I’m hoping the author puts another one out soon.

Memories of her dire past fade as Celia Hagen enjoys life in Switzerland as a best-selling author, surrounded by an extended family, her beloved Benicio, and their imaginative young son Benny. But when Benny disappears from a train during an unexpected stop in the French Provencal countryside, Celia suspects her past may not be buried after all. With Benny gone, she quickly realizes her life wasn’t nearly as idyllic as she believed. Infuriated by the unorthodox search efforts of Interpol and the French police, Celia, along with her older son Oliver, undertakes her own search, only to find that the village where Benny vanished has its own chilling history, and her interference in the case will have grave and irreversible consequences.

In the follow up to Audrey Braun’s best-selling debut, A Small Fortune, Celia discovers just how quickly everyone she loves can spiral toward a life—or death—that none of them could have seen coming.

So far the only two books in the Fortune Series are these two but I will for sure put Audrey Braun on my list of authors to check up on so I can jump at the chance to read more about the happenings in Celia’s life!


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