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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beavers Bend Getaway

You might have remembered me talking HERE a couple months back about a cabin getaway....
Well this past weekend we went to Hochatown, OK to stay in a cabin for a little nature getaway. 
Hochatown is pretty much Beavers Bend/Broken Bow but who knows because you know those Okie's are crazy. 

Casey & Kaylynn rented the Blue Moon cabin through Beavers Bend Getaways and it was everything the website showed plus more. 

Day 1

We left MV around noon and were on our way on a mini road trip for about an hour 1/2 that was complete with pretty pastures, a few changing leaves, and Arby's.  We got to the cabin after a few wrong turns and were so excited to be there.
The cabin was so awesome!  Lincoln and I took the blue bedroom pictured in the top left.  Everything was there that we could need and we immediately started saying this has to be a tradition from now on!

 The boys relaxing right after arriving.

Handsome boyfriend

The first night Casey, Kaylynn, Lincoln and I just hung around the house.  Colby and Lara were supposed to come up with on Friday also but Colby couldn't get off work so they came up on Saturday.  We cooked hamburgers, sat in the HOT tub for hours, visited, laughed, and drank some refreshing but weak Oklahoma grade adult beverages. 
FACT:  It is illegal to take any sort of alcohol from Texas into Oklahoma, like get tickets and possibly go to jail for bootlegging illegal.  Their percentage of alcohol that is in beer and stuff is weaker than in Texas.  One more reason why Texas is the best. LOL

I saw this Shock Top beer in the store and decided I would try it.  I didn't have any fresh sliced orange to put with it like recommended but that was ok. It was a nice drink and I for sure want to try it again with the orange.

Friday night was chilly and so I had to put a jacket on to make my way too and from the hot tub. LOL Nothing better than a neon bikini, camo jacket, and moccasins.
me and Kaylynn getting all wrinkly in the hot water

probably my new favorite picture of us

After several relaxing hours in the hot tub we headed inside to go upstairs in the little media area and watch a movie on the projector with surround sound.  There weren't a lot of movies to choose from so we ended up putting on an older movie called Proof of Life with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe.  EVERYONE fell asleep but ME and I watched the entire movie.  It was a really really good movie but a tink sad because Meg and Russell didn't end up together.... :(
Day 2

After breakfast on Saturday morning we headed to Beavers Bend State Park.  I was dying to go hiking and wonder around. We mainly drove through as Casey was the tour guide but we did stop at a few areas.


One of the areas we stopped at there was a pretty much straight up and down hill/mountain thing and of course I was going to get some hiking in so Lincoln, Casey, and I headed up. Kaylynn stayed on a lower rock and relaxed a few minutes by the river while we were gone. It was fun and the views at the top were great!

After our little adventure around the park we headed back to the house because Colby and Lara were on there way.  They arrived right round lunch and the rest of the afternoon consisted of old school music, singing, debating, and visiting.  We headed to town for dinner at Abendigo's. Casey and Kaylynn had eaten there a few years back on their honeymoon and wanted to revisit the place.  We waited for almost an hour and when there was no table in sight so we decided to find a different restaurant.  We ended up at a little diner across the road and we all had good country meals of chicken fried steak and catfish plates. 
After dinner we headed back to enjoy the hot tub!

Sunday was check out day!  After we got up and going around 7:30 we had breakfast and sat in the living room in a PJs enjoying each other's company.  Colby and Lara left around 11:15 because Lara had several test to study for on Monday and we were right behind them.  Lincoln and I were back at our humble abode around 1:30. 
All in all it was a great weekend, thanks Casey and Kaylynn! 
I can see us doing this every year for a long weekend because even though it isn't packed full of activities it was something out of the norm and we got to spend time with friends and family. 
 I'm SO grateful that I have people around me that are my close friends and then I also have my real family around and we are all so close we just make ONE HAPPY FAMILY!

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  1. Thank you for an in depth trek through one of our favorite places, Broken Bow & Beavers Bend. We loved this place so much we have built a couple cabins there and now get to enjoy it frequently.

    We have another resource that we just finished up, Top 25 Things to do in Broken Bow. I hope it may add value to your great blog.


    Thanks again and we love Broken Bow & Beavers Bend



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