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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review: Wicked

A couple months ago Lesley and I were talking reading and she recommended that I read Wicked because it was really good. I know a lot of people who have seen the musical and LOVED it so I was intrigued to read the book. 

I started it the first night she lent it to me and thought it was a little odd. The language was from some other world and it was just weird but I wanted to push on because I figured it would get juicy. It took me forever to finish it, even Lincoln asked when I was going to be done because I had been reading it for a while and he said that he usually never sees me read the same book more than a few days. I have to admit it was a hard read for me because it never really got juicy and didn't have any elements that I’m usually drawn to in books. I returned it to Lesley and told her I was super glad to be done and I’m going to return the next book, Son of a Witch, without reading it because I really don’t think I could get through it. The book itself was ok and I did like it but I’m not a raving fan by any means. It was just VERY different from my usually reads. I am excited and really want to go see the musical now because after getting the back story with the book I will really enjoy that short and sweetness of the musical. I have a couple other books that Lesley lent me that are adult versions of children’s books much like Wicked is with Wizard of Oz.  I recommend reading this book if your more into literary works rather than just joy reading and fluff. 

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  1. The musical is awesome! I saw it when I went to New York. I think you will enjoy it a lot more than the book!


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