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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Saturday me, Mom, Rachael, and Renee left MV around 7:30 and headed to Fort Worth for NaShae's baby shower.  We made several pit stops along the way and the shower was great.  Shae got a ton of super cute things for Ryleigh and she looked great.  After the shower we headed to Ikea. 

I had never been but had been wanting to go for a while.  I knew all about Ikea way before they were even established in the US because I worked for a Dutch family in high school and I would pour over their catalog.  Anyways not only had my Mom and I never been but Rachael loves Ikea and wanted to look at the baby furniture.  It was so much fun wondering the store and getting great ideas.  I left with 2 pillows and a couple of covers for them and this awesome throw blanket that looks like a sweater. 

It was a great day for us girls to bond and enjoy time to ourselves. 

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