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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Personal Plans for 2013

It’s that time of year again when we all say what we want to do better or start new projects on ourselves. I know I did a resolution post last year and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do or improve on any of those things. It’s almost like we make resolutions because we know they will be broken!
This year, NO MORE!
I am not calling them resolutions nor am I going to think of them like that…they are simply things that I would really like to get in a habit of or work on and if they happen then great if not then no harm.

* Take better care of my body!
àDiet, as in what I eat, not restrictions on food. I would like to eat more raw and organic foods. I do real well I think already but I can always do better. I need to for sure amp up in the fruit department. I love all fruits but it seems like every time I buy fruit at the grocery store I let it go bad.
àDrink more hot tea. When I returned from Egypt a couple years ago I was in a habit of drinking hot tea just because of the type of people I was around that was normal.  I think it’s so different and sophisticated so I really wanted to keep that up once I returned home.  Plus it is so relaxing.  I could see myself drinking a cup of hot tea and reading my Kindle.
àCut the sugary drinks.  I don’t drink a whole lot of sodas but I do drink enough that I know they aren’t the best choice and I would really like to make a conscience effort to cut them out all together.
àTake better care of my skin.  I always wash my face and moisturize it.  I don’t abuse my face with tons of makeup…I actually don’t wear any except a little blush, eyeliner, and mascara but I have such dry skin and I really would like to get in the habit of putting lotion on my entire body after every shower or bath.
àWorkout at least 3 or 4 times a week

*Read different genres of books. 
àI seem to read the same sort of mystery/thriller fluff and although I read it because I love that type of book I would really like to expand my reading material to include more literary works and books of substance. Last year my goal was to read 50 books and I almost made it but thisyear I think I can really do it.  Even though it sounds like a lot I read over 35 books in 2012 so now 50 doesn’t look so unattainable.

*Work on not procrastinating
àI have always been a wait until the last minute type of gal and it really isn’t the best method. Although it seems to work because I have yet to not be successful at something that I’ve procrastinated on but as organized as I am you would think I wouldn’t wait until the last minute on things but for some reason I do.  The organization methods are really the only reason that procrastinating does work for me but the stress of it isn’thealthy.

*Double duty in finishing school
àI am finishing up the last full semester before I have to decide on a master’s program and prepare for that.  After this spring semester of school I will have like 2 straggler classes and I can hopefully start a master’s program in the fall!  I have worked so hard to get to this point but now that it’s almost here I don’t know if I want to continueon and get my MSA in Accounting or just take my BBA in Accounting and continue on with an MBA.  Any who I have emailed and gotten replies from both my undergrad and graduate advisors so I just need to think it over and decide what path would be best for me and the future Iwant.

*Vacation, vacation, vacation!
àTake a major vacation with Lincoln…cough Costa Rica, cough cough….. and a couple mini trips with Lincoln, girlfriends,and my mom.

*Do better at the laundry
àI probably keep one of the cleanest, neatest houses of anyone I know…not bragging just saying I’m OCD about my house but my one downfall is laundry.  It isn’t so much washing and drying it as it is folding and hanging it up.  I hate doing laundry! I have no idea why and I really need to just get over it and do it.

*Be a better person
à Just in general be a better girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister, employee, and boss

*Find a church home

*Have more date nights (at least one a month that is designated actual “date”night)

*Participate in more outdoor activities
à I love like hiking, camping, bike riding, kayaking, and all other outdoor fun and I would really like to make time to do more of those activities.  Even though it is hard with school if I would not procrastinate I might have a weekend afternoon here or there to do some of these fun things

*Do more DIY projects and projects around the house
à I wrote this post a while back and still have to complete all those items on that list, so that is a major must. Plus I am always lookingfor another fun inexpensive project and I want to get a lot of those done in2013

*Throw more parties/gatherings
àI’m staring this one off pretty right as I was asked to head up one of my best friends and for sure my oldest friend’s baby shower and I am beyond excited.  I also would like to have more gatherings and little themed parties at my home.

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