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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Travel To Do- Costa Rica

Since returning from our vacation in Ruidoso I have been revved up and ready to go on another vacation. So ready that I’ve already pretty much planned the whole thing and am hoping this year will be good to me and allow us to go on this little adventure. I love traveling... DUH.  And as much as I would love to see….well everywhere the expense and time needed to travel East is not available right now but the time and expense to travel South is right on target.

I wanted an adventurous, hot, beach-y, location for my next trip and Costa Rica seems to fit the bill. I have several friends that have been to Costa Rica and they all rave that it’s so relaxing; tons of things to do, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can go from the beach, to deep in the jungle exploring active volcanoes, to hitting up the night life in San Jose all in one day if you want.

My plans so far consist of this…..


I love the Marriott resort for my hotel pick because ya’ll know I’m a firm believer in only staying in the Marriott chain. This resort would be amazing and from what I can tell the location is the perfect distance from everything that you would ever want to do. The two downfalls are that the price is the Marriott standard price but for Costa Rica there are equally great deals for a fraction of the price. Also the Marriott makes it too good for its customers. This resort looks so amazing I don’t know if I would even get out and do all the fun activities that the country has to offer I would just lounge and enjoy the amenities of the resort. No matter the cons the Marriott will never fail me so it’s always a go to place to stay no matter the trip.

Another option that I have wanted to try is booking a place to stay through AirBnB. I have heard of this website before and if my mom and I would have taken a trip I had planned a couple years ago to Paris, London, and Amsterdam I had found the perfect flat in Paris to stay in. Since I bought a house instead and didn’t go on vacation that didn’t happen but this trip is the perfect opportunity to get a whole space to yourself for either the price of a hotel or way cheaper just depending on what is available and what you prefer.  The good thing about this website also is there are a ton of listings with various prices, various amenities, and all over the world. The one downfall I see with going this route is the uncertainty of it all. I mean with a hotel that your familiar with you know what you are getting when you go into it, with this option really it is a tossup if the experience is going to be a great one or not. I would suggest relying heavily on the reviews to be sure you pick the right choice.



Like I said earlier Costa Rica has really so many options.  If you want a relaxing vacation then hit the beach or wonder the exotic and culture intensive streeT of any city.  If you want adventure then go scuba diving, rappel down a waterfall, go hiking in the rain forest to find wildlife, view the rain forest from high above from the hanging bridges or experience them on a high speed ride through various ziplines.  Arenal was active until just a few years ago but from my research is probably the most famous volcano and definitely still beautiful.  I would love to do all of these fun things.


So after those few bits and pieces of awesomeness how could you not want to take the all around relaxing/adventurous vacation IMMEDIATELY!!!

I hope to take make this dream come true as soon as possible.



  1. great advice.. i do want to go there one day!

  2. I went to Costa Rica last summer and it was a complete blast. I LOVED it!! We spent half our time at La Fortuna (the big volcano you pictured) and half at Manuel Antonio (the beach). It was seriously SO much fun! You'll have a blast.



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