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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Relationship Training

As a child we start school, some of us, at the ripe age of 3 years old and continue for 15 years until we are 18. Now remember that this is only to get us ready for the minimal wage real world, if we want to really better ourselves we must get further training/ schooling for up to 8 years. Of course some of these values are less or more depending on the person but you are guaranteed a good 12 years of education while growing up, this is a law!

So why, pray tell, do we get trained on the things of the brain but not of the heart like love, relationships, heartache, failures, and so many other emotional roller coasters.

I think that we should get relationship training from a young age all the way until we die.  Relationships are like anything else... work.  Yes, it’s rewarding work but work none the less and would be a lot easier if we knew how to handle situations of the heart sometimes.  If we knew how to communicate better, love more selfless, and be a better partner a lot of our lives and relationships would be so much easier.  We could worry less and have fun more.

Over the past few weeks some relationship trials have come up in my life and it got me wondering how are you suppose to know how to be better if you were never taught or trained to BE? 
Now not only do we have to learn about someone else and how to help them but we also have to learn about ourselves and how we can help the relationship.  And quite quickly before it all falls apart.    

All in all relationships are tough and no matter the reward it would help if we were a bit more prepared going into these big things!


  1. Relationships cannot really be taught....just have to learn as we go. We are taught basics, but every relationship is different and learning comes with trial and error.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Love your blog!
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