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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lessons for your Sunday

Monday, MLK day, the bank was closed but I wasn’t off work. Every year our bank hosts what we call BTU, BankTexas University. All the employees from the bank attend an all-day banking seminar and since we don’t get our regular holiday the bank gives us a day we can use any other time during the year in its place. The day began with a great motivational speaker, Rick Rigsby, that really got me thinking. He made some great points that were directed at how we can make ourselves and in return the bank or any workplace better. Although he was there as a career based speaker all the points and stories he told really made me think about my own personal life and how I needed to implement some of his ideas. By the end of his stint I was ready to hop on the change wagon and begin making myself better. In our BTU guide book there was a bio of Dr. Rigsby and his website, which early that morning I noted to myself I would visit that evening and check out his books. Our boss surprised us all at the end with an announcement that we all would receive a copy of his book. I was excited to be receiving a copy and can’t wait to get time to read it. One of my co-workers has already started and really likes it. I think it will be a great learning tool and hopefully just as enlightening as his talk.
I’m so glad he told gave us some great points that took him years to realize and apply because when he talked about them the light bulb went on like…
OMG he is right….
no wonder….
now that makes sense….
Let’s see if the light bulb goes off for you too.
You make you happy!
Other’s just add value to your happiness.
This is a great point and yeah I know that I need to do what I need for me to make ME happy but I’ve never thought about it like he put it and when he said this I was like well that’s nice to know. How I took what he said was this…say you’re in a relationship and you aren’t happy, most people (me included) turn to the other person and blame them or expect their actions toward us to make us happy and that’s stupid. In the end what happens….? You get rid of your partner because THEY don’t make you happy when really it isn’t their responsibility to make you happy it is your own job to make sure you are happy. I can apply this to my own life so many times over….I just move on past certain relationships and start something new because “it just isn’t working” or “It doesn’t fit because they don’t make me happy”. In reality I do know that I am the only one who can make ME happy and that unless I am happy with me I can’t make anyone else happy. I don’t know why that clicked when Dr. Rigsby said that but I was like….I need to quit blaming all my so called unhappiness on others and take responsibility for it and figure out what I’m really “unhappy” about or am I just living in society’s version of happiness which really ends up being not so happy at all!? Ok so I got a little deep there but still I think it’s a valid point and I took it to heart. Just being in this bubble of knowing this already makes me happier and see others for how they add value to me and what I need to do to make me happy.
Don’t judge…
you short circuit your own growth 
We all know that we shouldn’t judge and even though we all try it is really hard. I know that I have had to eat crow plenty of times because I judge someone and then after getting to know them I have a complete opposite opinion. That’s what I get…it’s not my place to judge. What Dr. Rigsby is saying is that when we judge others we pretty much won’t give them a chance from there on out and by doing that we are diminishing any possibility that this different person could be used to make ourselves better and help us grow. I can use this circumstance in life but more in my career. When I have a problem employee I do try to help them grow as an employee but after so long I’m done and I’m ready to ship them out. I’ve never looked at it in the sense that when I’m trying to help them be better I need to take that as an opportunity to learn about myself and learn from them to have more patience or what not.
What could you accomplish if you increased your discipline by just 5%?
This was more a question he posed to us and just got you to think about what all you could accomplish, at work mainly, if you increased your discipline by 5%. At work I do really well. I could strive to learn more aspects of banking I suppose but for my job itself I think I’m good. At home is a different story, if I increased my discipline just 5% I would be getting up a bit earlier so I could workout, do things around the house, or just relax a bit before work rather than jumping out of bed and running around at mach 5 all day long then crashing at night. I could get more homework done in a more timely manner because if I was more disciplined I wouldn’t procrastinate as much. Overall it is safe to say that I NEED to increase my discipline at home at least 5%. I bet I would feel so much better and I know that it would help me in all areas because I wouldn’t be as wound up all throughout the day.
His last piece of advice was a mantra that he made us repeat over and over and then write it down. It’s something to go by and help you remember to always do a great job.
Good enough isn’t good enough if it could be better; Better isn’t good enough if it can be BEST!
Not only was my Monday made great by a motivational speaker that sparked all sorts of thoughts….but when I was relaxing at home that night reading through blogs I saw THIS post on The Every Girl blog about future tripping. It made me realize I do that EXACT same thing. To tell you the truth I bet most women do. Yes, I’m a super planner so I love future tripping and of course I want to be married and have babies so I’m constantly thinking when is that going to happen or I wish I was in place that those events were possible but as we all know and as The Every Girl writer points out future tripping doesn’t do anything but take away from HERE and NOW. I also liked her point that by every big event that she would look forward to after the event was over she’s constantly looking for the next milestone and I can really relate to that. I do that right now especially with school. Her suggestions on how to live more in the present are great and I’m going to try to keep those in mind. By focusing more on today before you know it you’ll be in the future you want. I don’t want to miss opportunities that could be available today because I’m worried about tomorrow.

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