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Monday, June 30, 2014

I Work OUT!

After making resolution after resolution about getting into a fitness routine I've finally done it.
A month ago I started with a personal trainer to really get the motivation and tools to stick with this lifestyle that I've always enjoyed. 
As of last week I had completed 3 weeks of training and lost a total of 4.75 inches! 
I knew that I was making progress because just after 2 weeks I could tell a difference in my body both the way I felt and the way I looked.  Of course as soon as I start seeing progress that motivates me even further. 
I decided a while back that I wanted to look for a trainer because I had in my head...I don't know what to do yada yada but I was ready to make the time to get myself back in tip top shape.  Now I do know what to do and I am going to continue with my trainer for at least 1 more full month and possibly 2 more but after that I'm on my own.  By that time I will have the tools and workouts to mix and match accordingly.  I go to the gym and lift weights 3 X a week and then the rest of the week I'm very active with my garden, yard work, and regular activities that were already in my life. 
I had the mind set going into this that it's ok if I don't lose weight that's just a number but I want to look and feel great again and actually love what I see when my nakedness stares back at me unforgiving.  I haven't lifted weights or worked out in this magnitude in about 4 years and it feels great to get back into it.  I love lifting weights and my muscles retain great mass.  Not only that but they react fast and I'm really excited to see where this journey takes me.  I started my heavy lifting week this week and my trainer even asked me if I was interested in body building....LOL yes I would love to do that but I don't want to be bigger than my boyfriend! LOL 
Another thing that is awesome is that we do eat pretty healthy on a daily basis.  We don' go out a whole lot and during the week I cook daily.  I also use my leftovers as lunches and that always helps rather than grabbing Sonic or Subway. Saying that I have been more conscience of things like sugar and butter.  I have cut out butter almost all together and almost all sugar.  I quite cokes, sweet tea, and I've started eating breakfast.  This is the hardest thing all the other things are easy and I don't really miss but I've never been a breakfast person so it took a bit of getting used too.  Now I don't know what I'd do without it because even with it I'm starving by the time the next meal rolls around.
I don't have any before pictures of when I first started but I do have just regular pictures and as I progress then I will be sure to post my transformation.

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  1. Woohoo! I'm trying too...the eating and the working out part! Baby steps... :) Love ya


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