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Monday, June 30, 2014


May 2nd was a big day for me!  I lost a bit of my independence, earned some money, and gained a live in partner that is the BEST and that I'm so in love with!!!  I moved the weekend before but I closed on my house, May 2nd, after having a contract on it and working around the buyers issues for 2 months.  When we left for Costa Rica is when the original contract was put on and it took that long to get it worked out.  Nothing major just financing and such things on their end.  I earned what I put into the home and it was a happy day.  I knew when I put my house on the market the last day of the year in 2013 that it would sale quickly and right from the get go we had showing after showing.

Here it is all empty...remember back through these posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE where I made some huge cosmetic updates.

As I drove away the week before we signed the papers with the last truck load of stuff my mom and brother were following me I had a short, sweet cry in the hot of the truck.  In this home I was solely independent and although I lived and learned a lot in the 4 years I owned it I knew that I only wanted to keep this house for a max of about 6 years.  I wanted a more permanent country house with more land so that's exactly what I got.

I moved in with Hendrik which was something I was skeptical of given my past but now that we talked about it several times and I finally made the jump I plan on never turning back....and never moving that heavy expensive furniture again. LOL  WHEN WE move again WE will be hiring movers. LOL  I am enjoying my new home and my partner more than ever.  After a year of going between houses it feels good to be grounded again. 

Stay tuned for before and afters of the bachelor pad turned HOME!

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