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Monday, June 30, 2014

Around the Bavarian Crop Farm

This year Hendrik leased some property north of our hometown and they are trying their hand at crop farming.  The property is named Bavaria, as the man who owns it is German, and I am actually quite familiar with the land since I worked on and off here while I was in high school.  I love that Hendrik has leased it and I REALLY hope that he ends up buying it in a few years but until then I love going out berry picking and just enjoying the flat lands of Bavaria. 

He planted corn and soy beans this year and so far so good.  Here are some pictures I took a month or so ago and then some more from just last week.  The corn is really taking off and it is going to be harvested with in the next week!  I even picked a few cobs to try out at home and as you can see below one met an early death before we even made it out of the field.



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