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Monday, January 14, 2013

This and That

It's been sort of quiet around here lateley....I've been soaking up the last few days of relaxation before my life got turned upside down again due to a new week starting and school....so here's a few things that have been happening or just randomness.

First off...Blogger doesn't even give me an option to upload from my computer any more...which is crap!  I'm having to go this long way around through Picasa web albums then upload them from there to Blogger??? Is this the way ya'll are having to do this now too...I know several people have posted about this.

We had a white Christmas this year.  It snowed! It was pretty for a day or so then it's just a mess and I was ready for it to go back to normal. LOL
 Last week when I went to the grocery store to pick up some coffee I noticed a reusable filter for my Keurig. I had been wanting to find one so I could save a few dollars on my K cups. I love my Keurig but those little things add up, 1 box of 24 count K cups is around $9 so I am guessing that I should save about $6 a month. I bought the reusable filter and not only am I saving myself money but saving the extra trash and stuff as well so it’s “greener”. I have been drinking Folger’s K Cups for a while so I chose the ground Folger’s coffee in Black Silk. I used to buy that all the time but then my grocery store quit selling it. SSOO…now that I’ve written a whole paragraph on coffee…your caught up with that. LOL

Lincoln and I had a relaxing weekend of browsing and shopping. Saturday we got ready and headed to Dallas so Lincoln could use all his gift cards he received for Christmas. We hit up Bass Pro and then headed to Frisco. He intended on coming home with some special Clark’s shoes that he wanted but he ended up having to order them from the warehouse and they are being shipped. He wasn’t happy that he didn’t come home with an actual pair of shoes but he is getting them one way or another and he got to try them on which was the main objective so it was a win win. I also won because we stopped in Dillard’s and I bought myself a new Fossil purse in celebration of my yearly raise which was a nice bump. J I love it and although it was a tink expensive. It has a long adjustable strap that can be attached so not only do a get the daily hobo look but I can also use it as a cross body bag so it’s really two purses in one and that cuts the actual price in half right…? Right!
I meant to take pictures and talk about this a while back but I never did then Christmas came and went and now it’s just too late but I can tell about it anyways since Valentine’s Day is coming up. I was reading one of my regular blogs Little Chief Honeybee and Kaelah had made a datevitation book for her hubby and thought it would be a perfect addition to Lincoln’s stocking. Visit Datevitation and check them out. It’s awesome. They have a ton of fun dates from go cart riding to adult playtime. ;)
School starts back today! I am taking 4 classes again 3 are online and I actually have to go to the college for the other one on Tuesday nights. I haven’t taken a class in a classroom setting in at least 6 years, probably more. Even though I have been taking online classes I’m nervous to go and actually sit in a room with other students…it’s been so long I’m going to feel like an old lady going back to school even though I’m the same age as the rest of my class.

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