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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home Projects

I don't know how I came to be addicted but I have to admit that I have a problem with HGTV! 
I'm an addict.  I could do watch it anytime that I can.  Now you would think that a little TV addiction is no problem but your WRONG...
This addiction is causing all sorts of havoc in my life and possibly more than likely in my checkbook. 
I have always loved real estate. 
From a kid that would ride in the car and look at houses wishing and thinking of what I would have and wanted as an adult all the way to my first home purchase.  Although it was small it got me started and now after selling that house and searching for the perfect fit for me I have my home now.  I love the feeling of looking at houses and imagining the possibilities of how I could reflect my style and personality.  Now that my house completely decorated and redone on the inside I have felt the itch to have a project. 
and this is where it gets tricky. 
I have always looked at real estate in newspapers, online, and just general awareness but since my HGTV addiction I have really started looking seriously for a fixer upper. 
I found one with my good ole, trusty agent that I have always used. 
Since finding this house my mind has been running wild with the possibilities of what I could do, how much it would cost, can I even do it, and who I can get to help me. 
OOHHH the project is coming together in my head!
My Mom printed me the MLS sheet and the other night on my way home I called my agent and talked about it with him. After talking with him I knew I had to see it because he was very honest and not that he was saying bad things but he didn't sugar coat the shape of the property. 
This morning I headed out after my morning was semi ruined for me not having any sugar therefore no coffee, POO! 
Anywho, I took my legal pad, pencil, info sheets and off I went to look, sketch plans, and write any ideas I had.  After finding it easy enough I didn't have a lot to write.  The lot is a nice size for a small rent house but it was jammed between two tacky rundown houses in not-the-greatest part of town. 


The front of the property was definitely the best because as I walked around the back there was a horrible addition that was falling apart.
The "new" hardy board that had been put up quickly fades away to nothing but old shingles laid over the walls??? 
I had already expected the gutted interior that needs plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and everything else under the sun. 
After my quick walk through I could see this place being something after a high property fence and a bulldozer was brought in to demo the place. 
It was so bad I felt safe that the rest of my day wasn't racked with drawing plans and being distracted by a constant brain storm. 
Even though getting into real estate is definitely still a dream of mine this property isn't the one to begin with and the time probably isn't the best with me still having a lot of personal goals like school and finances taking top priority.
So now that that project is out of my system....
I took a walk around the outside of my house today and I think I have quite a few things to keep my project side occupied for a bit longer. 
**Home Projects**
* Make 2 roman shades for laundry room and master bath
* Sew curtains for guest room
* Power wash and repaint outside trim around outside of house
* Mount water hose holders
* Get gutters installed
* Trim trees in backyard
* Plant grass in bare areas
* Get flower beds, pull up unwanted shrubs
* Find patio furniture or cushions that the dogs won’t tear up!
* Essentially YARD projects

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