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Friday, July 6, 2012

Movin' On Up!

Yep, I’m referring to myself. LOL The past couple of months I have been working with the devils wife and she was probably worse than the devil himself. Anyways, I was trying to work some things out either in finding a new job or moving to another area of the bank to get away from her and her evil ways. I had a couple interviews and one that I was REALLY excited about. I got offered the job and everything but the same week that all this was going down the devil’s wife was getting knocked down a few pegs as well. The bank found out that I was considering leaving and we had a good heart to heart...the CEO and I. He pretty much told me that we needed to make a deal and do whatever it took to keep me here at the bank.....

Well, last Friday we worked our deal after I got the job offer from the other company. The devils wife was getting sent back to hell where she belonged and I got her job! 
Teller Supervisor! 
I also got a good raise too. $$$$$$
I was so excited because even though it’s not a lot I feel like I’m moving again and not just sitting in the same position spinning my wheels. 
So far it has gone really smooth besides my Week of Mondays and I think I have a great team that works well together. 
 Yay Me and my promotion!

Not only that but Thursday wrapped up Summer 1 for school. I planned on doing classes all through the summer but I feel like I deserve a break and so I’m taking July off and will of course get back into the swing of things in August when the Fall semester starts.


  1. Yay!! Congrats on your promotion!! You will do great things! SEe ya Wednesday for lunch!!


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