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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Week of Mondays

This week has been crazy in any and every way possible. 

It started out with a horrible weekend that I don’t even want to rehash in this post and then carried over into my week. Now things did start to turn my way on Wednesday and have slowly been getting better by the day so since today is Friday and we are starting the weekend again I’m hoping for success and happiness for the upcoming days. 

Not only was everyday a Monday at home but work was the main thing! 

Monday was obviously a Monday
Tuesday was the day before a holiday and the 3rd so that equals Monday madness
we were off one glorious and much needed day on Wednesday
Thursday was like coming back from the weekend which means Monday
Friday, which in the banking world is always crazy so that equals a Monday as well. 

SSSOOOO as you can see I have had it and this week for sure broke me in on my new position.
(post coming soon)

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