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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Hopefuls

Now that my house is all decorated and organized, as I see fit, I am bored with nothing to occupy my time.  This boredom got me to thinking of how I love real estate and I love interior design/homey craftiness.  Now don't get me wrong when I say interior design I mean making a home homey, I'm no Martha! :)  I have always longed to buy little rent houses and re-invent them.   Along with a lot of other goals I've added a couple of these project hopefuls to the list.
can't you see the possibilities
Buy some great acres of land with a dairy barn up front.  I can turn the dairy barn into my own personal pet project and then on the back of the acreage build our dream house of course.  Not only would a dairy barn be an amazing project it would also be really meaningful seeing I grew up a milk maid!
there aren't even words...ssswwwoooonnnnn
If not a dairy barn a well structured hay barn would do the trick too.
the perfect guest house or even better...the girl cave
One thing that I have fantasized about forever is fixing up a farm silo into like a loft type thing with different levels. Since the space inside even a large silo is limited I think it would awesome to have a spiral stair case outside of the structure have levels on the inside of loft space and replace the entire top dome with glass to let in tons of light!

My first dream
 and in the mean time since this is probably a bit more in my price range.... a fixer upper vintage camper!  I could do wonders with one of these.

all pictures courtesy of pintrest

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