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Friday, July 6, 2012

New Additions

About 2 weeks ago Lincoln came home from a night shift and said come look at our new chickens babe.  UUHHH it's 6 in the morning but ok.  He had bought a rooster, 4 hens, and got a chick for free from a co-worker.  He had been wanting more hens but after the whole hen bully issue he got a rooster too.  The new chickens are really pretty and fat and make our old ones look terrible but our little chick is so tame.  When you come up to the coop she just runs up to the door and wait for you to come in.  I love picking her up.  Sometimes she gets a little antsy and want to fly up on your shoulder to hang out and observe. 
not sure what's up with blogger but this is the best upload it would give me...line through the center and all

Also in the pic notice my RED hair!!! UUHHH yeah that wasn't planned but I just went with it as I'm trying to let all the color grow off my hair.  It was supposed to be a dirty blond color but my hair reacted bad to the salon color.  I told Lincoln this is what I get for trying to be all high maintenance and change myself.  I have for sure learned my lesson and will for now on just be plain ole dirty blond Megan with Marsha Brady straight hair. :( 

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  1. oh lordy, you crack me up with that hen on your shoulder!! LOL


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