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Friday, July 27, 2012

Randoms from the Past Weeks

Lately noting significant has happened to blog about but I have some randoms for you…
American Chinese is a dish I’ve made twice now and it’s really Swiss steak but the first time I made it Lincoln was eating it and since it was something DIFFERENT I had to ensure that he liked it so I was asking what he thought and he said that he really liked it and it was like American Chinese! I thought it was funny, like what’s that supposed to mean. LOL So now that’s our running thing. Now that I have your interest I’m sure you would love to know how I make my American Chinese. A girl at work told me how to do it so I just sort of winged it my first time and it turned out delicious.
You will need:
Cube steak
Olive oil
Bell peppers
Minute rice
Worcestershire sauce
What you need to do:
Prepare you vegetables and cook on low in a skillet with some olive oil. Just enough to get them soft and smelling good. Once they are pretty done remove them from the oil and flash fry your meat. I cut my steak into strips like steak fingers. I cooked mine for about 2 minutes on each side just enough to brown the meat since it will finish cooking later. Once your meat is done add back the vegetables, cut tomatoes, and a healthy portion of Worcestershire sauce. Cook that on med and reduce it down, it takes about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. It take a few large tomatoes because the more tomatoes you have the juicier your meal will be and you will need the juice for you rice. Speaking of rice while your meat is finishing up and reducing down cook your rice. For a regular package of meat I use 2 cups of rice. That’s enough for both Lincoln and I to have a big helping plus a little left over. Once your meat and vegetables are done to your liking serve it over rice.

I’m so glad Lesley told me about this meal because I am always looking for new things to cook because if ya’ll are like me I get bored cooking the same ole stuff all the time.
The past couple weekends and even a night or two over the past couple weeks we have been to my brother’s house to cook out and then we had Casey and Kaylynn over to cook out because the weekend before we had a gathering at their house. We at too much steak and potatoes and WAAYY too many deviled eggs. On most of these occasions I never brought out my camera but I did get a few pictures here and there. I swear when we are with Casey and Kaylynn we do some of the craziest things and we could have won $100,000 a couple times over by some of the funnies we could have caught on video.
Kaylynn and Casey
 Casey playing army man with his .22 pistol. It was hilarious and a definite $100,000 moment with his tuck and rolls and all. We also had more hillbilly fun by shooting the green tomatoes that were hanging onto my dead tomato plants in the garden. J You might be a redneck if…..
Every time we cook out with our family (Casey & Kaylynn) we always plan on staying the night or vice versa so this particular weekend was no different. The mornings are always good with all of us lounging around in our jammies, drinking coffee, just having good conversation, and of course a healthy breakfast. I cooked 16 eggs, 2 cans of biscuits, and I don’t know how much bacon and we didn’t have any left. One comment made at the table during breakfast was, “just think how much food we will go through when we have 2 kids a piece!”


Earlier in the week my brother had us over to cook steaks at him and Lara’s house and it was fun since we were all there even my littlest brother, Caleb. We went down to Lincoln’s deer stand to check out the wasp nest that had overtaken his stand in the summer months. He had a can of spray in his truck so we got Caleb a hoody and sent him in Raid a blazin’ ready to kill some wasp! We really know how to show our love. LOL
the nest

evaluating the situation

Caleb in action

Lincoln is borderline OCD about our yard. He gets it all nice and trimmed up and looking good and then the pasture that’s behind and surrounds our house is over grown. It doesn’t really bother me but it bugs him to death so he has been talking about getting a tractor and shredder and cleaning it up. I don’t care but we don’t even own it so I’m sort of like babe don’t waste your time and….in the end money. But he says he makes our yard and house look trashy so….on Saturday afternoon after running errands we call a friend to see if we can borrow his equipment. We pick it up and head home to tackle the project. Lincoln doesn’t even get a good start before a part on the shredder breaks and it is a goose chase that holds up his entire operation for like 4 days. He finally got it all taken care of and it looks great. He is super proud but now the fence row is bugging him so he is going to put some weed killer out. J I think we both learned our lesson on borrowing peoples stuff though and next time I think we might just go out and buy our own tractor and shredder and save ourselves (Lincoln) the headache. LOL

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