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Monday, November 12, 2012

Processing the Weekend

Lincoln and I had a great weekend and lucky for me my weekend is extended a day due to our Veterans. 
It has been probably a month or at least 3 weeks since Lincoln and I have had a weekend together and for the past two weeks he has been working mostly nights.
Lately, even though I see him for a few minutes it's so short it's like we don't see each other at all. 
We are two ships passing each other in the wee hours of the morning and that's all we get. 
So if you haven't gotten it....
it was a really nice weekend to ourselves and we actually got quite a bit accomplished.
Friday Night
  • I treated Lincoln to a dinner at the Double C Steakhouse in downtown Winnsboro and then we headed to the grocery store to restock.  You know your old when you enjoy going to the grocery store and it is actually the most exciting thing on a Friday night....not ashamed I love the small things in life.
  • After unloading all our goods and cleaning out the refrigerator we plopped down for a little Duck Dynasty that had been recorded and then headed to bed at a whopping 10 o'clock....granted we were in bed early because we were going to get up at 4:30 AM ON A SATURDAY...so gives us a break
  • Started not so bright but very early at 4:30!  We dressed and I made a double large coffee for the road and we headed out in camo to the deer lease for HOPEFULLY some action. Lincoln's Dad had camped out the night before so we visited with him about 45 minutes before heading to the stand at 5:45
  • We were set up and waiting and I was starting to get antsy and a little chilled from the wind...we had only seen a coyote at around 6:30.  We were chatting quietly and observing our surroundings when Lincoln looked up and out of my side of the blind said BABE BABE right there shoot it! Not 40 yards in front of us was nice 8 point and I took my shot.  He ran about a 100 yards and then dropped.  I was pumped and ready to go check him out.  After waiting a few minutes to give him a bit of time we walked over and found him.  I was excited and Lincoln was too.  I had got my first deer!   I shot him around 7:45 with Lincoln's 308.  I didn't use my 243 because it's really hard for me to adjust to my scope until I get a new scope this is what I'll be hunting with.  By 9 AM we had him strung up, quartered out, and on ice in the cooler.  Definitely a successful morning!

  • After leaving the lease around lunch we headed into MP to find a deep freeze because after killing now our 3rd deer our freezer in the kitchen was packed with deer plus regular groceries.  We found a good deal and one that Lincoln liked at Sears.  We bought it and headed home to unload all our goodies.
  • We rested a couple of hours Saturday afternoon before heading out to a wedding reception for two of our friends.  They had a band and BBQ and it was a nice few hours visiting with friends.
  • We headed home early again around 9 and decided to order pizza and watch TV in bed.  It was a perfect cap to a very tiring day.
  • We were lazy Sunday...I did homework in the morning and then the afternoon was filled with cleaning the oven, processing deer and getting going on my DIY Christmas gifts.  I finished one full set of gifts and Caleb's gift.  I'm coming along nicely.  The others I have left shouldn't take too long but we shall see.  After Christmas I'll be sure to post all the before and afters and all the how to's.

  • We also got a shocking but super exciting phone call from my mom but more to come on that later! :)
Full Circle on the deer
Clockwise: Me and my kill, strung up getting quartered, Lincoln cutting steaks, making ground meat, and a half full freezer!
Today I'm working on a to do list of things that just needed to be done, working on my research paper that I haven't even started yet it's due on Thursday...like THIS THURSDAY! and I'm going to lunch with my Mom.
Happy Veterans Day and YAY to a short week!

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  1. That is really cool! I know you must have been very excited!!


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