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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fireplace Explosion

After returning to the States from Iraq, almost 2 years ago
YIKES ( I can’t believe it’s been that long)
I had gotten out of the habit and pretty much lost the knowledge of how to live like a regular person.
It took a bit of doing the “regular” things to get my common sense about them back.
I remember having to call my Mom to ask about making macaroni noodles…I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to put the noodles in the water all at once or boil it first…DUH!
Well another thing that I, not necessarily forgot but did know better was when I decided to make a fire during a cold night using an alternative source. I had bought some cheapo fire starters and they sucked big time so I decided to use a bit of mixed gas to get a good blaze going. I didn’t have any lighter fluid and I was bound and determined to have a fire. I also knew better to use just straight gas so I got a red plastic cup and filled it probably a quarter of the way full of mixed weed eater gas.
I figured the oil mixture would cut the gas part and it would be the perfect fire starter….uuhh yeah it was the perfect fire starter for the first and last time ever.
Don’t ask me why I did this because after the fact I absolutely knew better.
I poured it across my logs and as Hercules sat patiently beside me I struck the match and put it in the fire….
before I could jerk my hand back the fireplace pretty much EXPLODED and made a really loud whooshing noise.
 Hercules jumped up and behind me and I immediately checked my eyebrows as I knew they were bound to be little burnt frizzies after that.
The fire not only lit but exploded out of the fire place…
I was lucky to not get burned or burn my house down.
Lesson learned and I got a bit of my common sense back that night.

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