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Monday, November 5, 2012

Packed Weekend

Sorry for the blog silence the past week, other than a scheduled post on Halloween I have barley had the energy to check some of my favorites much less come up with something witty and fun to talk about. 
The past couple weeks have been really crazy, trying, and let's not forget TIRING at work. 
I couldn't wait for the weekend and even though I have a million things to accomplish I'm just glad for a little reprieve. 
This weekend consisted of:
  • Attending a dinner/auction for the fine arts in Winnsboro Friday night after work.  I was asked to attend by a fellow coworker because her date couldn't make it and even though I was really tired after my week I rushed home to change and freshen up then raced back to town and ended up having a nice time with wine, a yummy free meal, and some art.
  • After my art experience I came home to Lincoln and a friend talking by the fire pit so we visited a bit longer and after the friend left Lincoln and I stayed up til 11 talking, making smore's, and having fun taking pics of ourselves and the dogs.  11 is pushing it for us these days between both of our work schedules we are usually in bed by 9:30 LOL we are definitely OLD!

  • Saturday I got up and cleaned house so I could feel ready to tackle the mountain of homework that awaited me
  • Went to Longview with Mom and Caleb to do a little Hobby Lobby shopping where I got most of my Christmas present craft supplies, ate at the Jalapeno Tree, fell in love with the NEW and so improved JC Penny (JCP), and helped mom find some cute riding boots
  • Crammed on Saturday night for several test and lots of reading I had to catch up on by midnight Sunday
  • Sunday started with the best part of waking up....(Folgers in my cup) LOL oh I crack myself up and yet more homework until about 10 am. 
  • I got ready and headed into town to help volunteer at the Winnsboro Fine Art Market for a couple of hours
  • I did homework for the next 8 hours finishing up in time to relax with a little Amazing Race and Ice Loves Coco.

Even though this weekend was packed and I really had no time to relax I enjoyed it and felt like I got a lot of things accomplished. 
Now I have to concentrate on planning my Thanksgiving feast in a couple weeks with all of our family, some Christmas DIYs, and yet more homework.  

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