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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Weekend for My Weekend

Whew... where to start? 
This weekend was packed full of baking, stirring, movie watching, and homework but unfortunately not a lot of rest. 
I hosted the 1st, of hopefully many Thanksgiving dinners at our house for not only my family (per usual) but also Lincoln's family.  Several family members are going out of town on Thanksgiving and I usually host a meal for my Dad anyways so this year I decided that we just needed to invite everyone and so the preparation began. 
I listed, shopped, and emailed a week in advance. 
Saturday: Started bright and early at 6 AM with homework for 5 hours until my Mom came over to help get some of the cooking out of the way.  We got a lot done before we headed out to see Breaking Dawn Part 2!  OMG!  This movie was seriously amazing and I'm so glad it ended with a bang.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone but you must go see it and there is a huge, shocking surprise in the movie.  I came home to a sickly Lincoln and two teenage boys hanging out by the fire.
Sunday: Started even earlier with me getting up the first time at 3 AM to put on my turkey.  I went back to bed and got back up for good at 7:30 to begin the rest of the cooking, cleaning, and homework.  Everyone started showing up around 11 and we had a great time eating, visiting, and playing a Chinese ornament exchange game.  I thought my Mom's idea of playing that game on Thanksgiving was great.  Since we all put up our trees around this time we can take home an ornament and use it this year rather than doing the same game at Christmas once the season is about over.  After everyone cleared out around 4 I was wiped out.
so our family
I told Lincoln that I was so tired and needed a weekend to rest from my weekend. 
Even though I was tired and my week has already started out hard it was totally worth it. 
 Everyone had a good time and the food was very liked.

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