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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trips of a Lifetime

As long as I can remember I love going and being away from home. As I have grown older I have discovered I love traveling. I haven’t even begun to travel to everywhere I would like to but I have scratched the surface and that is a start. There are a few key points that I really want to hit like all of Italy, Paris, and skiing in Switzerland but I want to see and experience the entire world. I love learning about and seeing different things. I have a travel bucket list of places I would for sure like to hit but if it isn’t on this list it definitely doesn’t exclude it from my journey. I don’t have many of the countries that lie in the Americas just because they are the most accessible for us American’s and a bit cheaper to experience, unlike Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa which is a bit more expensive to get to and experience. As I go through life I hope to knock most if not all of these off my list plus some.

* indicate I have been there with month and year of visit following

Thailand-  Even though I have been to Thailand I was only actually in the Bangkok airport and then 16 wonderful days in Phutket.  I would really like to take another trip to explore Bangkok and other areas in Northern Thailand since I have visited Phuket the paradise island.
*Bangkok airport- January 2010
*Phuket- January 2010
New Zealand
Germany- I visited southern Germany but still the country is so big I will for sure be going back to get more of this wonderful land.
*Munich/Bavaria- May 2009
*Austria- I didn't find Austria that great.  I thought the people there were very rude.  I enjoyed my stay in Vienna but probably won't be making another trip until most other destinations have been struck off the list.
*Vienna- May 2009
Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates
*Dubai- July 2008, May 2009, August 2009, January 2010, April 2010, June 2010, August 2010
South Africa

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Backpacking Trip
Being in Iraq I get to talk to people who have travelled a lot and have a lot of different ideas about travelling. One of my English mates has been backpacking twice. Once for 7 months and then again for 1 year, as I listen to some of his tales I think… “I want that life experience!” I was asking him all sorts of practical questions about money, accommodations, and routes and after talking with him I am making it a goal to save my money and go backpacking for 6 months. I think 1 year is just a really long time and a lot of money. 6 months is a reasonable amount of money and an enormous amount of traveling. Asia is big for backpackers because it is so inexpensive but I think I would enjoy backpacking through and across Europe so much more. I think I would like all the culture and architecture a bit more and it would be a perfect opportunity to learn more world history and really use my German. I plan on hitting Germany again; I love that country and I have only been to the southern region. Bavaria is stunning but I want to set foot in Berlin. There is so much history there. I have worked up a plan so to speak and hopely within the next year or two I will get to make my journey.

How weird is it that my red lines accidentally made like a super hero M! LOL I think that is a sign.
Length: 6 months from April- September

Goal: To have many life and cultural experiences while traveling the world learning about myself and others

A few must sees/dos:
o Stonehenge
o Eiffel Tower
o Vatican City
o Leaning Tower of Pisa
o Concentration camps in Poland

Estimated budget (not including airfare): $9,000

My friend said when he went on his journey he had 13 open ended plane tickets that earned him 29,000 frequent flier miles and only cost him $1,200. Isn’t that amazing? I need to talk with a travel agent to see if that is possible now so I can get a better grasp of what I am actually up against. LOL

Where I plan on visiting:
England: London
France: Paris, Nice, Marseilles
Italy: Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Florence, Tuscany
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
Spain: Madrid, Barcelona
Switzerland: Geneva
Hungary: Budapest
Greece: Athens
Czech Republic: Prague

Where I have been so far on the map:

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  1. you are so lucky, I only hoep to see all that you already have


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