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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Lunch Lady

Piper started selling items from My-Initials Inc and I had been wanting a lunch box so I checked with her to see if her site sold them and they did. Since I work in Quitman I bring my lunch pretty much every day to work and so far my lunch box has been great. I’m sure I will use it for years to come.

my Lunch Lady

If I had the money to spend and would actually let myself spend it here are some more cute things I wouldn’t mind having…
L to R: One Trip Wonder/ Town & Country/ Mini Magnetic Pocket/ The Dish
I love these four things. 

1. The One Trip Wonder is a HUGE bag that would be great for short weekend get-a-ways or just an overnight bag that you can throw everything into.
2. The Town & Country bag is, to me, a very sophisticated overnight bag that I feel in love with at first sight.
3. The mini pocket would be a great thing to hang on the side of the frig for Lincoln to put all his little pocket things in like change, pocket knife, snuff, and keys, when he gets home.
4. The Dish is a stylish casserole dish holder to make it easy to transport food...not only easy but super cute!

I wouldn't mind getting all four of these things.  Check out Pipers site here and you can shop all the other cool items they have.  This site is similar to a site called Thirty-One but wwwaaay cheaper, wwaay more variety and they monogramming is free!



  1. Thanks for the plug!! LOve your lunch lady! :))

  2. These remind me of the backpack's as a child that everyone had in multiple colors that were also monogrammed. I remember how excited I was back then for them and I'm glad you are enjoying your lunchbox just as much!


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