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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Travel To Do- Washington D.C.

Back in 2000 I went on a trip with a bunch of my 8th grade classmates to Washington D.C.  It was an amazing trip and I won't dare upload any of the horrid pictures from that awkward looking stage in my life.  To be honest I wanted to go on the trip to be away on spring break and to also just go somewhere, it wasn't because I was sssooo interested in history or so very patriotic.  Now that I'm older and have learned more about history and also participated in a few historic events, (Iraq) I am still not the most patriotic person but I do appreciate it way more.  I would love to go back to Washington D.C. to revisit all the beautiful monuments and walk through the museums and probably REALLY SEE these things for the first time....or the first time from this perspective.

With that being said, if you haven't guessed it by that little intro or the ever so obvious title then I guess I'll go ahead and tell you ....

this week's Tuesday's Travel To Do is WASHINGTON D.C.

Where to stay
I'm sure there are some amazing hotels in D.C. and surrounding areas but as far as I'm concerned Marriott is the only hotel that exists....I love the Marriott and the below hotel looks like a great pick.  Not only is it beautiful but it is on the famous Pennsylvania Avenue...the same street as the White House and it is walking/biking distance to all the great sites that I would be venturing out to see.

JW Marriott Washington, DC  331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW · Washington, DC 20004 USA

What to do

There are a million things to do in D.C. but the below things are the obvious tourist attractions and the places I remember being really neat that I would love to revisit.
The Smithsonian
Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Supreme court
White house
Library of congress
Holocaust museum

helpful Websites

I found a couple websites that seem pretty helpful, informative, and fun.
  • http://foodtruckfiesta.com/  is a website that tracks all the food trucks and food truck events in D.C.  I love little hole in the wall restaurants, they are always the best so what better way to find good food than a moving hole in the wall?  It's bound to be amazing... if not food than just experience.  If I get a chance I will definitely use this site.
  • http://washington.org/ is a website that is all D.C. from tours to itineraries and would be helpful in planning your short weekend get-a-way or a week long visit.
Now that we have a bed to sleep in and places to see all we need are plane tickets....Happy Traveling!


  1. Okay, so I have been wanting to go to Washington too, and I have a friend that lives there.. So Im thinking we set a time and seriously book a trip and go.. Since i know my brother wont be going, he wont mind us taking a mini vacation.. When I asked her the best time she said winter or fall when the leaves are changing colors and stuff.. soooooo we need to go.. SERIOUSLY!

  2. I love DC! I think that Arlington is probably one of my favoirte places. So beautiful and so touching. The Tomb of the Unknowns is just amazing. I've been to DC several times, but have never made the Hlolcaust Museum and I am dying to go!



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