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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

Today the Fall semester starts up and I begin my SENIOR year!
Which I would feel a lot better about if I wasn't going straight into the graduate program after that but hey that's one more piece of important paper on my wall so what the heck. 
I have had the past 2 months off and they have been a wonderful and much needed break but I am looking forward to jumping back into school and getting it over with. 
This semester I'm taking 12 hours and it was really hard trying to get registered and everything with online courses since my classes are winding down there aren't that many to choose from so it's tough to get the ones I need with the requirements I must have (like online) since I have to work 40 hours a week also. 
I bought my books from Amazon this semester instead of the college and I am so glad I finally took that leap. 
I saved myself over $300
**Wish my brain, my household, and Lincoln luck in this semester....it always gets a bit hairy towards the end.**
I'm shooting for all As
On another school note...
Lara begins her last year in her nursing degree today
Caleb starts his first day of high school
We are all growing up so fast....hahahahaha

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