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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Want List

I have a couple family members that have already mentioned Christmas so I figured I would go ahead and post a wanted list.
Now for all your readers this isn’t necessarily a Christmas list but also a birthday list and just a general because I want it list just in case you wanted to run out and get me any of these awesome things that I NEED!
I read so many books on my Kindle the new Kindle Prime membership would save me so much money and I really want one of these along with Kindle gift cards of course.
Work clothes and new flats are two things I'm in much need of.  I have worn my flats I have now just about out and new work clothes are always something I need since I don't do much shopping for that type of thing.

With a new year comes a new PLANNER and I'm loving the new designs at Erin Condren.  I'm also loving the tweeks they made to make the planners even better like having the monthly tabs laminated for durability.  LOVING this MOM ;)

I maybe a little late for this trend but I love these Sperry top siders.
The next few things are the flowers and gutters I want to put on and around my house.  For this I need a bunch of Lowe's gift cards.  After I put gutters all around and the rain won't tear up my flower beds I plan on putting azaleas and caladiums along the back of the house by our bedroom window.  On the East side of the house where we get full sun I would like to put two white knock out rose bushes on either side of the AC unit. The front needs several things done and I want to use a rose of sharon bush for the front.



much needed gutters

white knock out roses

rose of sharon bush
I have so many shirts that I can't wear to work because they are sleeveless and if I can wear them I sometimes don't just because it's so cold in the bank.  A cardigan like this one from J. Crew in EVERY color would do me GREAT!
 Like I've mentioned before I really want to trade in my rubber food storage for glass and I found this that would definitely do the trick.
 Besides upgrading my tupperware I also need some new spatulas.
 I have been writing more handwritten notes lately and I think I would keep it up if I had some nice stationary....found these two at Etsy.



  1. What a unique wishlist! You are so adorable with the things you chose :)


  2. I love that your wishlist is practical and things you don't have to spend hours convincing yourself that you need. Personalized stationary is always a must. People just don't send enough hand-written notes these days. Glad you are still keeping the tradition alive.


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