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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Before & After: Master Closet

When Hendrik built his house he built a closet inside each room.  This is fine and dandy when one person is using the closet but when you throw in two people it gets a little tight.  Yes, we could have made do with the smaller in room closet that was built during original construction but we did have another option that isn't ever going to go to waste so that is the option we chose. 

We pushed through the bathroom wall into the shop and made a glorious walk in closet.  All our clothes and shoes and day to day items are now in there and the smaller in room closet houses all the guns, coveralls, camo, and hunting gear.  Perfect fix!

Here is how it began and ended!



There is really nothing to explain about this closet. I feel it speaks for itself and is fabulous.  It completes the master suite and really is a room in itself. 
I could just sit and read in there. LOL I'm not even one for fashion and shoes but I do love the organization and design of the closet.  I worked closely with the contractor to get exactly all the storage and room we needed and even reused the towel cabinet for the corner. 
If you can't find me now you know where to look!

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