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Thursday, November 6, 2014

2 Things

Two things that no matter where I'm at in my life or what else I accomplish I will always still want....

1. Learn another language fluently- This, to me, is the ultimate cultural experience.  If you know me at all then you'll know that I'm completely open minded to new cultures, flavors, adventures, travel...whatever.  Being able to speak another language than my own, boring English that allows us to be lazy because everyone else in the world knows it as well, would be the ultimate learning experience.  Not only would I be smarter but I would just feel a bonding with the rest of the world.  Most ALL other nations/countries teach their students/kids at least 3 languages including their native tongue.  Boy is the US behind.  We only have to take two high school years of a foreign language and other than "where's the bathroom?" and "what's your name?" I don't remember much of it so saying I learned Spanish is a huge understatement.  To me that type of requirement might as well be nonexistent because most people I know have no desire to further their high school foreign language training and turn it into a fluent language they are comfortable with.

Hendrik is Dutch and he knows English and Frisian (the region his parent's are from in Holland has it's own language aside from Dutch).  I would love to be able to learn it so we can talk two languages in our home and to our kids and although it's not your every day Spanish or as useful I think it would be awesome.

All around learning another language other than English is/would be my top educational cultural experience and I hope that one day I can accomplish this goal.


2. Learn to play the piano- This to me isn't so important as learning another language but I think it would be great to be able to sit at such a grand instrument and play away.  The piano is such a classy instrument and I think that I would excel at it.  I would definitley need a brush up on my music reading skills!  Playing clarinet in the 6th grade band isn't going to cut it all these years later. LOL  The opportunity was never presented to me as a child to play the piano, I don't think.  I was always involved in sports and dance so it never really occurred to me until later in my late teens that I would like to be able to play.  By then I was busy with work , school, and of course boys...who has the time. One day...maybe when I am a stay at home mom or somethign I'll by myself a keyboard and learn or even take lessons.  I think it would be a great and classy skill.

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