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Sunday, November 23, 2014

In just 2 weeks...

A LOT has happened.
You know the phrase when God closes a door he opens a window but how about when God closes a window he pushes you hard through a newly opened door and you just hope to land on both your feet but either way you know that it's going to be awesome and exciting and fun and new and challenging and maddening and just everything all at once? 

Ok so remember two weeks ago I posted THIS post on my 1 Year Plan... well I'm rolling all that up to 1 MONTH plan!!! I know what the hell happened?  All I can say is really the unexpected in several areas.  I've always known that working with Hendrik's business is one thing that I've wanted to do, not only to help our future but to be able to work AND stay at home with future kids.  The downside to my idea is that to me I wasn't really willing to give into that until we were married.  I just felt that mixing all of those sort of things before marriage would be a lot to take on.  Hendrik knows my views on this subject but he still brought up around a month ago that a few new big projects were in the works for his business and also the need for help in the office.  I reminded him of my views and said that if it was something that he was serious about it would need to be talked about A LOT since the marriage thing isn't happening for us just yet.  Well that's what we've done not only together as a couple but also with his parents to ensure that everyone is on the same page and wants the same outcome from these changes and additions. 

A decision has been made and Monday I turned in my notice at the bank effective 12/31. 

A priority of making this move was not only making sure that working with my partner day in and day out would end with my relationship still in tact but also that I gave the bank ample notice to find a replacement and also for me to train my co-worker in tasks that she's unfamiliar with or have never done at all. 
To say I wasn't nervous about this would be a lie because I am.  It is unknown and it's not like I'm trying to get away from my current job for any negative reasons so that always makes this sort of move a bit more difficult.  Given that, I am still very excited and confident that this is the right choice for me, my future goals that were in my 1 Year plan, and just my (OUR) future in general. 
I've already made a to do list with top priority tasks and I'm so excited to make certain changes and just take what Hendrik and his family has already built from the ground up and really expand it and give it a ton of room to grow along with our future!  There are many projects that I'm going to get my hands in like web design and other things that are new to me and my job duties.
I'm so excited, nervous, and anxious about this big step in my career and future that I had no idea would present itself this quickly.  Even in my one year plan I was going at all those things on my own and not even considering this partnering as a possible option but now it's here and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

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