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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Workout....Update #2

It has been 3 months since I've updated on my fitness lifestyle change and it has been a crazy 3 months.  Both in the gym and out but let's talk what's been happening in the gym. 
I've kept with my early morning workouts they just seem to work into my life better and I can ensure a good workout no matter what I have going on that day.  We get up 3 days a week at 4:30 and one day at 5 the other day is a rest day.  My current workout consists of heavy lower, heavy upper, a full cardio day, rest on Thursday, and then a total body shred on Friday.  I've been doing this one for 3 weeks now and still have 5 weeks left.  Once I finish this round I plan on going super heavy for 2 weeks to really get the gains in the areas I want. 
Speaking of gains let's talk gains and losses!

I love rocking my flat belly!
I lost 4.25 inches between the month of September and October, that is a whopping 9.75 inches total since June 3rd when I started this journey.  The most amazing part to me is I've lost .75 inches around my neck which is just weird....I had a fat neck. LOL  Not down any pounds but that's ok because my body is looking awesome and I'm feeling amazing.  I haven't loved myself this much in years and I'm convinced that the confidence I feel in the gym carries over into my life in other areas. In the month of workouts done in October until last week when I measured again I hung steady.  Although some of my measurements changed the net effect held because I lost in my belly but what I lost there I gained in my booty.  This is awesome because I've purposely ramped up my glute, quad, and ham workouts to gain extra in my butt.  I'm excited that it's showing in the numbers and can't wait to see the results once I finish my current workout in 5 weeks. 

I'm still using my same supplements and vitamins and feeling great.  I did just order an amino acid pill from Bodybuilding.com when I ordered my pre-workout BCAAs and I can't wait to see what it does.  One thing I've noticed since sticking with my supplements is my hair and nail growth is out of control.  The hair is noticeable but what really caught my attention is that I'm having to cut my nails twice a week.  Insane!!! 

Something that I talked about in my last post is how I needed to up my cardio and watch my diet better and I have done both.  We currently run to and from the gym from Amy's house which round trip is over a mile and half  It is a great warm up and really kicks what we have remaining after our workout.  I know that is why my inches lost over the past few months has shown in my measurements.  I plan on making the next month going forward even better....come on 5 inches and lets add some mass!!! 

One thing that is always going to be a struggle for me but I'm really trying to make huge changes is my diet.  Like I've addressed before we don't eat that bad but I can tell just the little things that really hold me back.  I want to commit to an entirely clean and lean diet for about 3 months just to prove to myself that I can and I also want to see how much more I can change my body just by tweaking this and that. 

Inspirational fitness women that I stalk and read so much about.

Ashley Kaltwasser- back to back winner of the Olympia competition

Ingrid Romero- creator of Team Edge

Marissa Rivero- my favorite.  She's a competitor, model, and just seems awesome

They are all fitness competitors and give me motivation to get where I want to be and try my hand at competing as well.

I want to get myself this awesome lunch box/meal planning packs by 6packbags.com.  They have all sorts of different bags so suit all types of women and men and would be the perfect way to really ensure you still to your diet when your are training for something in particular, trying to live a better lifestyle, or just trying to save money by carting around your own food.

Until next time...work out hard!

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  1. Your looking great girl! Keep it up, how is your weekly eating? love to know some of the things your eating?


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