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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Don't Wonder What If

I was thinking the other day about how happy I am that I finally took a leap of faith on my own heart and stopped the wondering and second guessing.

What am I talking about??? 

Well for all the years that Hendrik and I have been close friends, probably close 10 or more now, we both knew that there was an added connection between us that was more than just friends or at least held the possibility to be more. 
When I came home from Iraq I for sure knew that we had a spark but I just couldn't make the jump.  I let fear stop me because I knew that he's the type of person that IF we tried and something happened we would never be friends again.  I wasn't willing to risk our great friendship for a what if and there were so many uncertainties.  So I didn't, I moved on or tried to but I always had that nagging in my brain and the wonder of something that could possibly be everything I was looking for. 
Finally I made the jump and decided that I wanted to try mainly because I KNEW nothing would happen.  This was it and I knew it in my heart before I really had to make the decision.  I guess it took me all those years for a reason and if we had gotten together when I was 20 and he gave me the best kiss of my life that we may not be together today, everything does happen for a reason. 
Now we are together forever or at least he is stuck with ME forever and I will never wonder what if because now I know. 

Best decision I've made to date!

If you are wondering what if just jump and do it...you will never know until you try and believe me not knowing is probably worse than just jumping and falling down!


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