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Thursday, November 6, 2014

October Vacation and Playing Catch Up

Lately or over the past few months I feel like I've been neglecting my blog and it is mainly just because of life.  I'm constantly busy with house duties, and the overwhelming amount of reading and work that I have for this semester of school (Masters degrees...they don't give them away people) not to mention my other projects I take on willingly like a Fall garden, a chicken coop and finishing up my house décor!

I took my last week of available vacation from work the week of October 6th and I had big plans, which all got accomplished except one!

So a little run down of the past couple months and my vacation:

  1. Nothing exciting except a couple date nights here and there and a whole lot of honey dos and errands like oil changes, laundry, endless cleaning and homework which all got caught up while I was on vacation
  2. I am officially permitted to get chickens once again so I got some fancy coop plans from a friend.  While I was on vacation I salvaged some wood to make my coop with but that is as far as I got.  I had big plans to get it all done in my week off but the pile is still sitting untouched.  I really need to get on that I just don't feel confident in my power tool use.  The below coop is a replica of the plans I have.  It looks so good!
  3. I weeded out all my tomato plants and cleaned up the yard one day after a big storm and filled an entire 20 foot bumper pull trailer with limbs and garden debris...ALONE!  After I got my tomatoes out and mowed over the dead squash I'm only left with bell peppers or that lasted a few hours.  I borrowed a friends huge tiller and tilled up my ex-tomato area and planted garlic and Brussels sprouts.  I'm trying my hand at a Fall garden. So far 5 out of the 10 garlics have came up and upon checking the rest they aren't there.  I guess a mole or some other ground rat ate my bulbs.  Around half of my Brussels sprout plants are going to make it so that is exciting.  I also wanted to plant carrots and potatoes but couldn't find the seed anywhere.  FYI:  you can't just grab some grocery store potatoes and wait for them to eye and then plant them like you used to....they genetically modify the potatoes now so they don't eye or really rot...they just turn to shriveled mush.
  4. The closet addition was finally finished the week I was home so I spent a full afternoon rearranging, hanging, organizing and decorating the new space along with the old.  It felt so awesome to finally have that done and I was able to mop again.
  5. Now that the closet is done I only have 2 more things to mark off my list of inside house décor and it will be done.  I am getting the ugly mustard chair reupholstered as we speak and it should be done in a few weeks.  Also I'm going to Canton this weekend and I'm on the hunt for a small stool with tufts or X legs for the closet.  The space is a bit big and it would fit nicely and be a spot to sit and put your shoes on.  Once those two things are done then its onward to the shop and the flowers outside!
  6. I have a couple upcoming fun plans.  As I said above I plan on making a Canton, the first in several months.  I have several things on my to get list and I hope to mark a few off but probably not all on this trip.  The stool from above is one, then I want to snag an old metal basket to make into a magazine rack for our bathroom.  I also need some old china and vases for some Christmas DIY's I'm planning on.
  7. On November 7th I'm working half a day then I'm booking it to DFW to catch a jet plane to Omaha, Nebraska to visit Mia for the weekend.  I'm very excited!
  8. Other than that I'm just schooling and trying to stay organized.  Meal planning, budget, and grocery shopping are going down this week and I'm always making lists and thinking of plans for myself, Hendrik, and the future!

Overall my life right now isn't that exciting but I love all the boringness and old people habits Hendrik and I have formed like grilling every Sunday and picking pecans.  My vacation wasn't a Euro trip or a beach escape but it was a work escape and I got a ton done which made me feel so much better and ready to move forward on to the next project, lists, and assignments.

Stay tuned for more updates on my 1 year plan, Fall garden, workout progress, meal planning and chicken life!

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