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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Randoms as of late

I have a new TV addiction and I’m only one episode in….The American’s. OMG ya’ll know that I have a dream of being some secret agent spy character. Remember THIS POST when my spy name would be Nikita? The premier was Wednesday night and it was awesome! There’s danger, drama, and suspense. I can already tell I’m going to be on pins and needles this entire season wondering if the Russian KGB transplants are going to be discovered and punished by the new FBI agent that lives across the street. I’m telling you guys you must watch.
I sometimes have blonde moments that make Lincoln wonder if I have a brain at all. I swear I do but after this little story you might wonder like he did. LOL So I over the past few months I have seen the advertisement for the show Pit Bulls and Parolees. I hadn’t ever seen it and it didn’t look of interest to me mainly because I don’t like watching animal shows most of the time they are sad and I also didn’t really understand the premise. Pit Bulls and Parolees?? Ok whatever. I didn’t give it too much thought but chocked the show up to being about pit bulls and Italian people. So the other day I came into the living room and Lincoln had it on the TV. After a few minutes of watching and listening to the people talk about half-way houses and such I was like….what’s up with all these people talking about jail and why are they are all tatted up??? I thought this show was about pit bulls and Italians. Lincoln looked at me like I was crazy which meant he needed more of an explanation on my train of thought so I said… yeah the show is called Pit Bulls and Parolees…like the food! Lincoln was like OMG babe, what you thought it was a cooking show? NO I thought it was about Italians who loved pit bulls. LOL It’s actually about people who are out of jail on parole and they work at a shelter for pit bulls. Well, how was I supposed to know I got parolees and perogies mixed up. I don’t deal with ex-cons often I didn’t know there was an actual term for people out on parole. I was telling Lesley this and she was like OMG its perogies and they are Polish not Italian….WHATEVER I knew what I was talking about …..sort of! LOL So needless to say I learned something new.

perogies. LOL
Tyson is a lemon. He is always hurt or he has some sort of ailment. I came home Wednesday from work to find his eye so swollen there was flesh coming out of it since it was gaping away from his eye ball so far and on the opposite side of his face he his mouth was swollen. I assume he got bit by a snake or something Lincoln took him to the vet on Friday and he has infections in the swollen eye, his mouth, and the other eye will still heal it just has scare tissue on it. This is after I just took him to the vet a few weeks ago for his eye that has an ulcer on it and it still hasn’t gotten well. It is so aggravating because there is always something going on with them and I seem to be the only one truly WORRIED. Lincoln, like a typical guy, brushes it off and says dogs are resilient he’ll get over it but when I see it I just feel so bad for him and want to freak out about it and fix it immediately.  For now he has antibiotics that over the next couple weeks will get him all healed up and back to his normal self. 
The baby shower I’m planning is all coming together. Last weekend I went to Longview and got all the supplies I needed. Now I have several projects to do before it happens in a little over a month. I have a picture in my head and I hope it comes together the way I have pictured. I will be posting several DIY projects and little gems that aren’t all the way DIY for the shower over the next month or so and after the shower I will have to do a recap of my first shower hosting gig so ya’ll can see the final product…that is IF it comes together the way I plan. Stay tuned!
I have been told 3 times recently that I look or remind someone of Miranda Lambert. At first I took offense because well I was thinking body wise and that is way off base but I can see how our spunky/ blunt personalities can remind people of her and I guess there’s something about my face that they think remind them of her??? I don’t have a clue. I mean she’s beautiful and talented and has a great husband what do ya’ll think?
Last but not least...check out this ring! OMG!  I am in love. 
That's all folks...I'm back to the books.  Have a fantastic Sunday!

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