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Friday, February 8, 2013

Popcorn and Hot Tamales

Nothing beats getting a big, ice cold drink at the movies than pairing it with a bucket of popcorn and a box of hot tamales.
I’ve never been a big movie goer just because most of the time my budgeted funds are set aside for other things. I do enjoy seeing a good movie here and there and always say that I would love to see this movie or that one when it comes out…but then life happens, I forget what movies looked good in the previews and end up never going back until the next Hunger Games, Breaking Dawn, or movies like those hit the big screen. I was cruising YouTube the other day at lunch and stumbled upon a wonderful and fantastic trailer that I am DEFINITELY going to have to see. After watching it I started researching upcoming movies and picked several that sounded good.

Here’s what I found and what I hope to see!

Oz: The Great and Powerful coming out March 8

OMG! Doesn’t this look amazing. So fantastical! I love it. I love The Wizard of Oz and always have. It was one of those movies that as a kid I could and WOULD watch over and over. I still love it as an adult. A few months back I even ventured off into the more adult dark world of Oz when I read Wicked. Although I didn’t like the book that much I still love the movie and as I stated in my BOOK REVIEW HERE, I can’t wait to see the musical. Well….just happens that next year they are coming out with a movie Wicked. IMDB only gave a synopsis; there’s not a poster or anything yet but it’s still something to be excited about.

Olympus has Fallen coming out March 22

Hello!  What more do you need?  Guns...check    Action...check     Gerard Butler....check check
This one is a no brainer.

The Great Gatsby

Wow!  I've never read the book but after watching this trailer I think I need to before this movie hits.  Even though the trailer says out Christmas unless I missed something all my research points to this movie coming out in May of this year.  Whenever and where ever it hits I'm going to be there.  I love the timeless look and scandal of the 20s and this movie looks like it has it all.

Until I can get around to seeing these few movies I’ll be watching reruns of Harry Potter and Twilight. I should go ahead and pre-order Breaking Dawn Part 2 since it comes out on DVD March 2nd . Lincoln and I just watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 a few nights ago and Lincoln was asking all sorts of questions. (He had never seen it! GASP) I told him the last movie, to me, was the best one EVER so I’m sure he won’t mind having it on hand to watch for a little stay-date.

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