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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh Peggy Sue!

As you recall a couple weeks ago I posted a vague announcement!
Well I was a little off for the good though.....I thought it was T-Minus 18 days but I miscalculated.  After a lot of talking with a seller of an old, vintage, camper that Lincoln came across on Craigslist we made the trek to Venus, TX today to give it a looksy in person and hopefully come home with Peggy Sue.
A few weeks ago I wanted to seriously start looking into remodeling and fixing up an old camper.  I've mentioned it a few times HERE and HERE.  Well I put Lincoln on the Craigslist search one night while he was working nights and I was doing homework.  Within minutes he sent me several listings.  A couple of them I vetoed right off because I had a certain vision and those weren't it...BUT the third listing had potential. 
I texted the number listed just for kicks and the person texted back.  I got real excited and we talked over the next few days about the camper.  I asked questions that I thought were important and Lincoln told me a few things to ask.  By the 3rd day I was sold and told the person that it would be a few weeks before we could come that way to actually see it and bring it home since Lincoln had to work. He had no problem with that and held it for us. 
This weekend turned out to be the perfect time. 
I got my money together and Lincoln and I headed out around 9 to Venus.  Venus is a little white trash, poe-dunk town South/ Southwest of Dallas. 
When we drove up I was a little worried.
We met our contact, which was really, really, nice and honest, inspected my merchandise, and then loaded up Miss Peggy Sue! 
It was a long and stressful ride home since we had to drive slow and make sure nothing happened to Peggy Sue. 
Once home we unloaded her and I took some before pictures and sat inside for a minute to get some good ideas and inspiration for the remodel.
She's in really good shape!
me and my Peggy Sue

back of trailer

looking in through door
front of trailer
Peggy Sue's Stats
  • Her year of birth is 1950 (looks pretty good for 63 years old)
  • From what I can tell from my research she's a Cozy Cruiser which is the predecessor of the cute 1960's Shasta trailers
  • Currently sleeps 2
  • No appliances
  • 12' long and 6' 8" wide
  • No leaks
  • No weak walls or floors
  • 110v breaker box
  • Outside lights work for when you haul her
Needless to say I'm beyond elated about this possibly big little project I have now sitting beside my chicken coop.  I have great plans for Miss Peggy Sue and my goal is to have her rolling out to the lake for her maiden, family, camping trip by the 4th of July.
Improvements I want to make:
  1. clean up the inside and repaint
  2. create another sleeping/seating area in the front of the trailer with a mirror above.  A window used to be there but it has been sealed up and I think it would be a lot to fix. 
  3. The bed in the front that I want to build I also want the top to open into a storage trunk.  Peggy Sue is too compact to waste usable space
  4. Unseal and replace the other two windows.  These two windows will be really easy to fix back to normal with some plexy glass.
  5. Replace cabinet, counter top area, and install hardware on cabinet doors
  6. figure out the lighting situation...lamps maybe
  7. build shelves in existing closet
  8. repaint outside and do a little maintenance
  9. the rest is just cosmetic things like decorating with pillows, a few vintage prints, making curtains (I might use sheers for this to help bring in as much natural light as possible), since I'm not going to go through the trouble of installing appliances I want to get a small microwave, hot plate, or microwave oven, install small TV with DVD player for master sleeping area, and tons more of little cute touches like an indoor window box!
I can't wait to really jump in and start on all her improvements and share the progress as we go and hopefully, not too far down the road, the finished product!

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