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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Little Online Indulgence

Last weekend while I was drowning in homework and rock music I took a little break. 
I found myself at Amazon shopping for cardigans.  I have so many shirts that could really amp up my work wardrobe but they are either sleeveless or need some sort of cardigan over them so I planned on finding a few and use my some of my gift card allowance on them. 
This is what I got.
I got this in charcoal and another in pink

I've been wanting a sports watch to help me workout since I don't like taking my phone.

This little dress is so cute and just enough girl but not over the top.  I love it and hopefully can get a lot of use out of it with all the baby showers and things I have coming up this Spring.

Got this boyfriend cardigan in the colors pictured.  Navy and Pink.  I don't have a lot of this color combo in my closet so I'm hoping to add some flare. LOL
I also had been lusting over Kendra Scott's earrings and after spotting a pair on a co-worker I'm going to make this purchase in the next week or so.  She gave me a 15% off coupon to use for this month so now I just have to decide on what ONE color I want since I can't have them all.  Not only can you purchase something she has designed you can go to the color bar and design your own! 
I know I'm for sure going with the Elle earring HERE and below in a color...not white.
But I also am loving these pieces. 

this blue speaks to me every time I see it and I am really leaning towards this color or a more neutral for my earrings.  I need to consult with my closet first and see what would I get the most use out of.

If you've never heard of Kendra Scott go check her out.  She's a a Texas girl and does all sorts of good with her business.  I saw her featured on The Everygirl and then went over to HER WEBSITE to check her out. 
GO NOW you will love what you find.
Have a good Tuesday.  Mine is going to be long as I have 8 hours of work, 3 hours of school, and a total of 2 hours driving. WHEW!

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