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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Zero Balance & Adjusting Entries

2 months ago after finishing a scandalous book by Ashley Fontainne I did THIS book review over it.
Then about a month ago when I was out of books but up to my eyeballs in Amazon gift cards I remembered I wanted to read the other two books that would finish up that trilogy so I skipped on over to Amazon and purchased them for my Kindle.
Although I raved about the first book, Accountable to None, the other two books were just so so.  I mean I'm glad I read them because it finished up the story for me but it was really just more of the same stuff.  It's sort of like when they keep doing sequels of movies and yeah they're ok but really they will never out do themselves like they did on the first.  That's how I felt.  But in the end they were still good books and if your interested give them a shot. 
After Accountable to None came....
Amazon Synopsis
Nine months ago, Audra Tanner exposed the hidden secrets locked away at the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. No one escaped her wrath. And once the smoke had cleared, everyone watched as the diabolical Olin Kemper was led away in handcuffs. Now Audra's meticulous revenge has thrust her into the role of managing partner. But the firm is struggling to survive amidst the turmoil and media attention surrounding the shocking arrest and upcoming murder trial of Olin. And Audra must face the fallout left from her explosive revenge while trying to heal and recover from the trauma of her past.  Audra thought she had ended the evil lurking within and that her revenge would set her free. Unfortunately, it's only the beginning. Because evil never dies, it only assumes a new form. Soon everyone at the firm will discover that no one is safe when you are dealing with a psychopath that has zero balance.
Buy it HERE
The last book in the trilogy...
Amazon Synopsis
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But when it comes to human emotions, the reaction is never equal. No one understands this lesson better than the partners at the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. Greed, power, money and sex left six people dead and four in the hospital.  Audra Tanner never realized how far and deep the ripple she created in her revenge pool would extend. Now as the dust settles on the explosion that rocked not only her life, but the lives of countless others, Audra must fight to gain control over her life.  Because others are out to end it.

Buy it HERE
There you have it folks....if you're in the need for a few easy reads that will keep your interest but won't spark any riveting thoughts check out these books.
Happy Reading on your Springy Sunday! 

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