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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: FREE Desk Design

Sunday I got creative with some trash…literally!
And decided to give my desk a little design makeover on the cheap. I had spent a good bit of Saturday morning cleaning out all the bins and trunks in my office getting it organized and in order so I thought….I need to make my desk look neat, cute, and inviting so maybe I won’t procrastinate so much.
I had seen all these other cute and fancy desk designs around the interwebs and knew that I more than likely wouldn’t be able to get anything close to that just because even though I love the look it isn’t really the style of my house and I don’t like a lot of nick-knacks and useless crap hanging around.
I mean these offices are beautiful, sleek and clean but not me.
from Pintrest

from TheEverygirl

from Pintrest

picture from TheEverygirl
I had made tuna salad the day before and emptied both a pickle jar and also a Miracle Whip jar so I went and grabbed them from the trash.
I told you I got creative with trash.
After cleaning the inside and outside of each container really good I painted the inside a turquoise blue that matches the shutter I made last year. To add a little rustic touch that goes with my style I wrapped a waxy string around the top of each jar. I knew that I wanted a little flower arrangement and a pretty place to keep my pens and pencils and such. I had some left over flowers from when I decorated my guest bedroom so I used those along with my painted pickle jar for my small arrangement. The bigger Miracle Whip jar was the perfect size for all my pens and pencils. I cleared off any extra paperwork that I had laying around.  I also pulled out a picture frame that's never been used and printed a semi-current picture of Lincoln and I.


A free desk design from trash and left overs. I think the last couple things I want to do to really finish off this space and make it the perfect place to do work, homework, or creative projects is hang a cork board in a pretty black frame directly above my desk so I can pin bills up and also use it for an inspiration/idea board. And then a little something to the left of it….maybe another shutter to frame out my cork board.
To make this same or similar look you will need:
· Empty and clean jars
· Paint
· Any extras to add some flare….string, glitter, whatever
· Flowers, pens and pencils, candles, or other office supplies for your containers
The first jar, as you can see in my pictures, I tried adding glitter first and then putting in my paint to give it a bit more flare but that didn’t work like I had planned. It only made my paint real thick and it doesn’t show through the paint. FAIL but I still got the main look I was going for. SUCCESS
I added quite a bit of paint and rolled the jar around to try to get it to coat all over. I then added a bit more and let it sit upright for a while and then turned it upside down on a plate to run down around the jar and so any excess paint could run out. After all the excess was gone I turned them right-side up again and let them dry for 1 day.
This is such an easy and CHEAP craft to spice up any area.
I’m really liking the look of my desk these days but I need to really get on that whole cork board thing so I can get inspiration for my upcoming BIG PROJECT!

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  1. Love it!! You're so crafty...not sure where you get that from!! LOL


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