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Saturday, February 23, 2013

5 Days

The past 5 days have been very exhausting, rewarding, sad, and happy all at different and sometimes even the same time. 

At work this week I relinquished my teller supervisor duties over to my backup teller, Lesley.  I loved doing that but when an opening in the accounting department opened up I was glad to jump on it and get my feet wet in that area.  It's going to be great not having to deal with personnel issues or customers but the stress I put on myself to learn a new job is hard.  My new job isn't going to be hard but there is just a whole lot of stuff to learn and that's what I'm worried about. 

I went to school on Tuesday as usual and found out that I made an 82 on my test that I was convinced I was going to bomb.  Success!

My best friend's Granny passed away on Tuesday night and after I left school I drove to MV to be with her and her family a bit.  It was sad since Granny was not only Piper's Granny but her close friend's Granny as well.  We shared some fond memories of our childhood with Granny and cried over her passing. 

When I got home Tuesday night around midnight I was so exhausted.  I slept so hard that night but my week was nowhere near over.

Wednesday when I got home from work I couldn't find Hercules or Tyson.  I called and called and they never came.  I started looking for them and what I found was horrifying.  They were out in the pasture and had gotten in another fight with the neighbor dog.  Tyson wasn't that bad off but Hercules was BAD.  His head was covered in blood and his leg was torn!  I freaked, talked to Lincoln a million times on the phone and after 2 hours of calling finally found a vet that would see him that night.  I loaded him up and raced to Tri-Lakes Veterinarian Clinic to see Dr. Cranmore.  She was amazing!  I had to leave Hercules there over night and Lincoln went to pick him up Thursday afternoon.

Friday went semi normal just stressed over work, finances and animals but the weekend brought just enough needed relief.  An awesome thing that happened on Friday was receiving and chatting with my closest girlfriends over the birth of sweet Ryleigh!  We were all chatting as I got ready for work before 7 AM on Friday.  I told Lincoln that times have really changed LOL as we get ready for work at 6:45 in the morning we are all texting each other on births.

I know the next couple weeks are going to be trying I just hope that I can survive.

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