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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So I’m at my computer at work preparing this awesome post that I’m so excited to share even though I’m going to be intentionally vague
and the title pops into my head T-minus
since this post is about a countdown.
 That got me wondering why people say T-Minus?
What’s it mean other than countdown?
Of course I turn to my trusty iPhone to find the answer and find that yes, it is indeed a countdown but what it actually stands for is TIME MINUS say 3
so time minus 3 days means that the countdown is over in 3 days.
That may be something ya’ll already knew but I’m glad to know the ACTUAL name and meaning rather just knowing that it’s a term used for countdowns…..
SO I know interrupt this random fact to take you back to our regular programming. LOL
counting down the days!
I have or I hope to have HUGE news in 18 days.
 I know that sounds like forever but I’m so excited about this let’s just call it 2 weeks.
I don’t want to ruin my chances or jinx myself but I will tell you that Craigslist and Lincoln are working in my favor and I really hope it all pans out.
 I see major projects in the near future.
So T-minus 17 days Lincoln and I will be heading to Venus, Texas and if all goes according to planned, come Sunday March 3rd I will be posting a ton of pictures and all sorts of info!!!!
I can’t wait.
I haven’t been so excited for something in a long time.
It’s going to bring so much fun and good memories into our lives and I can’t wait to share them with Lincoln, my family, and friends for years to come!

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