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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Top 10 Bridal Portrait Picks

A lot went in to these bridal portraits on my end....mainly the DIY centerpiece that steals the show along with my amazing dress but I will get to those details in another post relating to all our wedding things...for now it's all about my favorite pictures from the over 900 pictures that my wonderful photographer took. After I got these images back and downloaded I had the hard task of sorting through each one and drawing out my favorites. Out of 900 I extracted around 110 that were my top picks of all the poses and a lot of the same just different angles and such. All those will be put in a photo book but once I narrowed it down I had to narrow it down even further to my top10 picks. You don't understand how hard that task is when you have such an awesome photographer...I mean some of the pictures already looked edited and even the ones I picked weren't touched heavily mainly a little extra lighting here and there and sharpening but the main goal with these photos were beauty, natural, fresh, clean and just STUNNING and boy did Rocki produce. Here are my top 10 bridal portrait picks!  I can't wait to see our wedding pictures! 

Stay tuned for all things wedding coming soon...DIYs, inspirations, all the details, and the honeymoon!!!

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