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Friday, May 26, 2017

Honeymoon Bliss Part 3

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the honeymoon HERE and HERE!

We love our food.  Not only do we not indulge in drinking very often we spend our weight in food on vacation and to us it is very important.  El Dorado Maroma Beach hit gourmet inclusive food out of the park.  This was our first time experiencing the gourmet inclusive and it was worth it.  What gourmet inclusive means is that its all inclusive food and drink but gourmet and top of the line alcohol.  No limit on how much EVER!  It was amazing and I still dream nightly of the apple crumble that I indulged in EACH night we were there.  Below is all the different food we had with the name below in the caption.  I always get pictures of our vacation food because it is always so pretty but this was beyond pretty food. The taste was phenomenal and absolute perfection.  

lunch appetizer of assorted dips L to R- roasted red pepper and tortilla chips, apple and cucumber salsa with sweet potato chips, hummus with pita chips, and guacamole and plantain chips

chefs special fish ceviche with plantain chips
herb bread and grapefruit bread with assorted butters- plain, garlic, paprika, grapefruit,and pistachio 
raw oysters
cream of mushroom soup with shaved truffles
cheesecake with chocolate crumble and dots of strawberry and lemon sauce
roasted Cornish hen with roasted herb potatoes
in our room from our butlers the first night, crumble and chocolate covered strawberries with assorted berries

pancakes with strawberries
fruit plate
our beach picnic that they surprised us with.  guacamole and sirloin tacos with a dish of pico
beet root salad
beef carpaccio
truffle ravioli with egg yoke inside

beef filet with potatoes, onion, and mushrooms
from our butlers, bread with honey and assorted cheeses and nuts
my light breakfast we had delivered to our patio every morning before the gym. Whole wheat toast with assorted jams, bananas, and coffee

white fish carpaccio
black risotto with octopus tentacle 
Alaskan snow crap
surf and turf- NY strip with french fried onions and scallops

beach picnic that we loved so much we had the same thing delivered for the next 4 days but we had them bring it to our patio
fish ceviche, pasta salad, chips, guacamole, pico, steak wrap and a chicken wrap
fish ceviche with a creamy cilantro sauce

watermelon and berry salad with blue cheese
duck dumpling in a tomato soup
filet of Chilean sea bass in a avocado cream mousse 
beef filet with vegetable tips and avocado mousse 
dark chocolate mousse with dots of berry sauce and crumble
filet of pan seared salmon an a citrus salad
As you can see and I'm sure taste as your mouths are watering by the end of this post the food as presented beautifully and it tasted just as good as it looked if not better.  We didn't have any bad food experiences.  Every detail of the food was thought through and they even accommodated Hendrik with his onion "allergy".  We were really impressed and besides the beauty of the resort were sad to leave behind the chefs LOL.  

Up next are all the remaining pictures from our honeymoon of our actives and random pictures that didn't fit into the resort or the food post!  

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