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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book Review: Devious

After I read the current James Patterson novels that I have reviewed HERE and HERE I was on the hunt for some new content on my Kindle.  As always I turned to Amazon for these simple and cheap purchases but first I wanted to check on an author or two and see if they had come out with any new books in some series that I read previously and loved.  Sara Rosett is one of those authors and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had put out a 5th book in her On the Run series!  These books are so good.  Not only are they mysteries which I love they are always filled with travel and adventure which...hello those three things put together make for an amazing book.  All the books in this series are really good books and they are so cheap.  Again easy reads but perfect for a day at the pool this Summer.  I hope that Sara keeps cranking them out in this series.  In the mean time I may need to check out some of her other published works!  

Free-spirited Zoe Andrews has settled into married life and feels she has found her ideal niche working for a company that discreetly recovers lost items for elite clients, but her first assignment, which takes her to Edinburgh to recover a stolen painting, turns out to be more complicated than she expected. 

Instead of simply getting in touch with contacts in the art world, Zoe finds herself tangled in a web of contradictions. Why would someone steal a not-so-valuable painting, and why was the thief attacked? Zoe’s search to find answers takes her from the ancient stone walls of Edinburgh Castle to the Baroque grandeur of Salzburg as she delves into a decades old mystery with ties to the present.

On the Run series: 
Book One: Elusive
Book Two: Secretive
Book Three: Deceptive
Book Four: Suspicious
Book Five: Devious

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