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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Case Days

I get Case a couple days each week and now that he's getting older and the weather is perfect we have been having so much fun.  I love doing activities with him and just watching him play.  He's so funny and loves hanging out with Hendrik and I. 

at the zoo back at the end of March
playing in the yard this past Saturday
watering the flowers this past Saturday
lunch with Hendrik at the table of knowledge at the Dairy Bar
he loves doing his "paperwork" when we are at the office
ready for lunch and nap time
so excited to dye Easter eggs

checking the corn at Bavaria
working in the garden with all the big kale
baling hay with Hendrik a couple weeks ago
playing with the water hose in the backyard
trying to learn to ride his scooter at the park in Sulphur Springs on our fun Thursday

splash pad fun in Sulphur Springs before lunch
wiped out after lunch headed home for nap time.  He didn't make it from downtown Sulphur Springs to the interstate before he was asleep.
getting a fat belly eating his weight in peaches this past Thursday
watermelon and chicken watching after nap time on Saturday afternoon
We have so much fun together and I'm so glad that I get time with my nephew.  As he gets older I know he's only going to get more and more fun but for now I love him being little and showing him all the things he needs to know in life. LOL 

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